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Please Note: Congregation members are encouraged to pay for their own subscriptions at the discounted CSP price, provided a CLRep has been designated.

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At Canada Lutheran, we nurture the Lutheran spirit by providing items of information, inspiration and interpretation of particular interest and benefit to members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). With a growing readership that crosses the globe, its appeal extends well beyond the ELCIC.

Eight times a year, a new package of news and inspiration arrives in subscribers' mailboxes. Each issue offers several feature articles that explore our faith and its role in our lives and of those around us. Regular columnists engage you in a lively dialogue on justice, faith and the future of the ELCIC. Synod sections keep you abreast of the news both in your neighbourhood and across the country. News from international partners reminds us that we are indeed neighbours to the world. Each bishop has a regular column while Post gives everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion.

From the first issue in January 1986, Canada Lutheran has hoped to enlighten and teach by sharing the stories of people living their faith creatively. Its pages have reflected the energy and commitment of people across the ELCIC and around the world to trust themselves to God's work whatever form it might take.

For congregations that are new to the Canada Lutheran magazine.pdf you can download this letter and present it to your church leader(s).