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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is Canada’s largest Lutheran denomination with 182,077 baptized members in 624 congregations. It is a member of the Lutheran World Federation, the Canadian Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches.

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News Releases 2005

WCC INVITES CHURCHES IN ALL PLACES TO CELEBRATE ASSEMBLY SUNDAY December 20, 2005--With two months remaining until the World Council of Churches' 9th Assembly in 2006, the organizers have launched an invitation to churches and Christians everywhere to accompany and support the event.
ELCIC NATIONAL BISHOP RAYMOND SCHULTZ'S 2005 CHRISTMAS MESSAGE Winnipeg, December 19, 2005 (ELCIC) A Christmas message from National Bishop Raymond Schultz
LUTHERAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ANNOUNCES PRESIDENT-ELECT Saskatoon, November 15--The Board of Governors of Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS), Saskatoon announced on November 15, 2005 that Rev. Keving A. Ogilvie is the new President-Elect of LTS.
GHDA UPDATE ON PAKISTAN / INDIA EARTHQUAKE APPEAL Winnipeg, October 20, 2005 (ELCIC)-- Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA), of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), continues to accept donations to support relief efforts after an earthquake hit parts of the south Asian subcontinent on Saturday morning, October 8. More details are now available of the impact of the quake and the efforts made to aid those in the regions affected.
JOB POSTING: DIRECTOR OF STEWARDSHIP IN PUBLIC LIFE Winnipeg, October 18, 2005 (ELCIC)--The National Office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is seeking applicants for the position of Director Stewardship in Public Life. The successful applicant for this position will understand stewardship as the way the church manages its way of life in the service of God’s mission. The general engagement of the church in public policy derives its integrity specifically from its support of the Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) and its individual members’ support of the church’s corporate life.
GHDA UPDATE ON SOUTH ASIA EARTHQUAKE MATCHING FUND Winnipeg, October 13, 2005 (ELCIC)-- Clarification on the Government of Canada's announcement of the establishment of a fund to match all public donations earmarked for earthquake relief and its impact on donations to Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) in support of relief efforts after an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit parts of the south Asian subcontinent on Saturday morning, October 8.
GHDA APPEAL TO SUPPORT VICTIMS OF PAKISTAN / INDIA EARTHQUAKE Winnipeg, October 12, 2005 (ELCIC)-- Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA), of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), is accepting donations to support relief efforts after an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit parts of the south Asian subcontinent on Saturday morning, October 8.
ELCIC MISSIONARY IN EL SALVADOR PROVIDES UPDATE ON CONDITION AFTER VOLCANO ERUPTION, FLOODING AND LANDSLIDES Winnipeg, October 7, 2005 (ELCIC)-- As the El Salvador region focused on evacuation efforts following the eruption of western El Salvador's Ilamatepec Volcano, and search and rescue efforts after repeated flooding and heavy rains in the area caused massive landslides, Rev. Brian Rude, serving in El Salvador as a pastor-missionary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), provided an update on local conditions.
ELCIC NATIONAL CHURCH COUNCIL ISSUES STATEMENT ON SAME-GENDER BLESSINGS Winnipeg, September 19, 2005 (ELCIC) - In their first meeting since the July 2005 National Convention, National Church Council (NCC) members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) met September 15-17 in St. Norbert, Manitoba to discuss matters relating to the business of the church. Agenda items before NCC members included a discussion on the motion presented at the National Convention regarding the blessing of same-sex unions.
GHDA APPEAL TO ASSIST ELCA DISASTER RESPONSE Winnipeg, September 2, 2005 (ELCIC)-- Financial gifts marked "Hurricane Katrina Relief" and sent to GHDA will be forwarded to the Lutheran Disaster Response for use as best needed.
GHDA ENCOURAGES DONATIONS TO AID THOSE SUFFERING THE EFFECTS OF HURRICANE KATRINA Winnipeg, August 31, 2005 (ELCIC)-- Any person or congregation wishing to support relief efforts for those suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina can send donations to Global Hunger and Development Appeal. Please mark your cheque Hurricane Katrina Relief.
BISHOP EMERITUS OF ESTONIAN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH DIES Winnipeg, August 31, 2005 (ELCIC)-- With deep sadness the Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church has announced that Archbishop emeritus Dr. h.c. Jaan Kiivit died suddenly today, on 31st August 2005, on his official visit in St. Petersburg.
ELCIC MISSIONARY IN CHIANG MAI PROVIDES UPDATE ON FLOOD CONDITIONS IN THAILAND Winnipeg, August 18, 2005 (ELCIC) - Last December as the Tsunami raged in Asia, Lori Endress, a short-term Missionary for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), reported that due to being stationed just north of Thailand in Chiang Mai she thankfully only experienced the tremors from the devastating earthquake. Last Sunday, as floodwaters swirled across the northern provinces of Thailand, Lori experienced what is being called the worst flooding of the area in 11 years.
GHDA ISSUES APPEAL TO SUPPORT VICTIMS OF FAMINE IN NIGER Winnipeg, August 4, 2005 (ELCIC)--GHDA has issued an appeal for contributions to help support a coalition of aid organizations responding to the humanitarian crisis in Niger. The west African country has been ravaged by drought and an invasion of locusts, leaving 2.5 million Nigerois in desperate need of food, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
TENTH BIENNIAL ELCIC CONVENTION CONCLUDES Winnipeg, July 26, 2005 (ELCIC)--With a declaration by Bishop Raymond Schultz during the closing worship service on Sunday, July 24, the Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada was officially closed. Over 400 delegates had deliberated, prayed and voted on matters before the National Church during the four days of convention which took place at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
OTTAWA CYCLISTS TO VISIT WINNIPEG CONVENTION Winnipeg, July 20, 2005 (ELCIC)--The 2005 ELCIC National Convention will welcome the arrival of a group of intrepid cyclists from the Ottawa on Friday, July 22. Twelve members of All Saints Lutheran Church and their pastor are pedaling 5000 km, from Ottawa to Vancouver, to connect with youth groups and congregations across the country as they raise funds for the ELCIC's Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) and Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR). Their two-month adventure began on June 26 and will end in Vancouver on August 22.
SPECIAL GUESTS TO ATTEND ELCIC TENTH BIENNIAL CONVENTION Winnipeg, July 19, 2005 (ELCIC)--Several special guests will be welcomed at the ELCIC's Tenth Biennial Convention, this July 21-24. The event, under the theme "In Mission for Others", will be held at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg. Formal proceedings of the convention will take place in the Manitoba Room at University Centre.
NATIONAL BISHOP SENDS CONDOLENCES AND ISSUES A CALL FOR PRAYER FOLLOWING THE LONDON BOMBINGS Winnipeg, July 7, 2005 (ELCIC)--Following the news of the London bombings this morning, Rev. Raymond Schultz, National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), issued the following statement:
ELW ANNOUNCES PUBLICATION OF ESL - FRIENDLY BIBLE STUDY Winnipeg, July 6, 2005 (ELCIC) -- Evangelical Lutheran Women Inc. (ELW) is pleased to announce the publication of an exciting new English as a Second Language (ESL) Bible study.
ASSISTANT TO THE BISHOP FOR PUBLIC POLICY, STEWARDSHIP AND GHDA Winnipeg, June 30, 2005 (ELCIC)--The National Office is seeking applicants for a senior position in policy and stewardship administration. Applicants for this position will have Lutheran theological training with an emphasis on systematic theology and ethics and will be able to represent this church in the public forum. The applicants for this position will have creative skills in verbal, written and educational communication. The ability to work in a collaborative, interactive office environment is essential.
NATIONAL OFFICE WELCOMES NEW MANAGER OF COMMUNICATIONS Winnipeg, June 9, 2005 (ELCIC)--Acting on recommendations from the Communications Task Force and direction from National Church Council, ELCIC National Office has hired a Manager of Communications.
CANADA LUTHERAN WINS CANADIAN CHURCH PRESS AWARD Winnipeg, June 2, 2005 (ELCIC)--Canada Lutheran, the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, was presented with first prize in the magazine column category at the 2005 Canadian Church Press Convention held May 25-26 in Ottawa.
WINNERS CHOSEN FOR LUTHERANSWRITE CANADA 2004 Winnipeg, May 10, 2005 (ELCIC)--In 2004, Canada Lutheran magazine, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and Augsburg Fortress Canada invited Lutheran writers to submit entries for "LutheransWrite Canada," a writing competition designed to encourage Lutheran writing and journalism.
BISHOP'S STATEMENT ON ELECTION OF BENEDICT XVI Winnipeg, April 20, 2005 (ELCIC) - National Bishop Raymond Schultz of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) offers his congratulations to Benedict XVI upon his election to the office of Pope in the Roman Catholic Church:
LUTHERAN DELEGATES WILL VOTE ON SAME SEX BLESSINGS Winnipeg, March 9, 2005 (ELCIC)-The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) National Convention being held in Winnipeg this summer from July 21-24 will be considering a three-part resolution that would allow local congregations to decide if they will authorize the blessing of same sex relationships.
ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2006 YOUTH GATHERING NAME AND THEME Winnipeg, March 1, 2005 (ELCIC)-- The next Canadian Lutheran Youth Gathering is set to take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 17-20, 2006. The National Planning Committee is already hard at work preparing for the event, which promises to be an exciting and inspiring four days. Entitled "Full Serve," the event focuses on the theme of how we can use our various gifts to serve God's community.
ATTACK ON SALVADORAN LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY Winnipeg, February 3, 2005 (ELCIC)--Referring to an attack last Saturday on Salvadoran Lutheran University, ELCIC Missionary Rev. Brian Rude wrote: "The Beatitudes (Sunday's Gospel reading, taken from Matthew 5:1-12) take on special significance this week for Salvadoran Lutherans and friends.
GHDA CELEBRATES ELCIC GENEROSITY AND INVITES RE-FOCUS Winnipeg, February 1, 2005 (ELCIC)--The first GHDA news item about the recent tsunami disaster was released on December 28, 2004. In the weeks since, ELCIC members have responded with extraordinary generosity. "We are a church for others," said GHDA Coordinator Rev. Paul Johnson. "In very concrete ways the people of this church have given flesh to those words, sharing freely of God’s generosity to them."
GHDA ISSUES APPEAL TO ASSIST VICTIMS OF FLOODING IN GUYANA Winnipeg, January 26, 2005 (ELCIC)--On January 18th, ELCIC Volunteers in Mission Rev. Jack and Valerie Frederick read in their newspaper, Guyana's Stabroek News, “With record floods swamping thousands of households along the coast the government yesterday scrambled to provide essential services and shelter to those affected. But President Bharrat Jagdeo, who is leading the response, warns that more rain is on the way...”
ELCIC GENEROSITY SETS NEW RECORDS Winnipeg, January 18, 2005 (ELCIC)-- ELCIC members have responded generously to the appeal for help following the earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia.
ELCIC MISSIONARIES IN THAILAND ARE SAFE Winnipeg, January 13, 2005 (ELCIC)--Following the Tsunami in Asia, many people expressed concerns about the ELCIC missionaries in Thailand, Lori Endress and Elvira Sentes. Since both Lori and Elvira stayed at home in Chiang Mai for the Christmas break, they were out of harm’s way. Chiang Mai is city in the north of Thailand where only the tremors from the earthquake were felt.
ELCA RELEASES REPORT OF THE SEXUALITY STUDIES TASK FORCE Winnipeg, January 13, 2005 (ELCIC)-- The task force for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Studies on Sexuality was created at the direction of the ELCA Church Council to fulfill resolutions adopted by the 2001 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.
IT'S YOUR CALL ON JANUARY 16 Winnipeg, January 11, 2005 (ELCIC)--Remember to observe It’s Your Call on January 16, 2005
GOVERNMENT MATCHING FUNDS IN PLACE FOR CLWR Winnipeg, January 6, 2005 (ELCIC) -- Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) received official notice today from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) that matching funds would be available for CLWR funds directed to the Asian earthquake/tsunami catastrophe. Jonathan Arnold, a Senior Program Officer for CIDA, said, "You are welcome to notify your constituency that funds raised will be matched by the government of Canada, and CIDA will post your organization's name on our website as an eligible organization."
CLWR RECEIVES $15,000 FROM LUTHERAN LIFE FOR TSUNAMI RESPONSE Winnipeg, January 5, 2005 (ELCIC)--On December 31, 2004, CLWR announced that Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada has donated $15,000 to Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s Asia tsunami appeal.
TSUNAMI APPEAL - HOW GHDA IS RESPONDING Winnipeg, January 5, 2005 (ELCIC)--Today a donation of just over $6,000 was sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) from the GHDA Emergency Disaster Fund.
ARE DONATIONS TO CLWR MATCHED BY THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT? Winnipeg, January 4, 2005 (ELCIC)--Donations made to GHDA designated for "Asia Earthquake Flooding" or "Tsunami Response" are sent on directly to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR).


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