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It's Your Call--identify, explore and celebrate vocation

It's Your Call, a skit for use on "It's your Call" Sunday

Written by: Pastor Debra Johnston with help from the youth of Trinity Fort Erie

The skit requires six actors. Actors 1-5 are a group of five young people. Each should replace their part number with their name. Each of them needs to have a cell phone to use later in the skit. The sixth actor plays the role of Peter. Peter is dressed as if he just stepped out of the bible. Use an alb or a bathrobe and some kind of headdress to create the look.

The skit begins with the group of five young people gathered at the front of the church. They are approached by a youth playing the part of Peter.

Peter:  Hi, I am Peter.

Group:   Hi Peter I am….

  Each of #1-5 introduces themselves in turn using their own name

 #1:   Sooooo Peter, (Checking Peter out) what's with the look?

Peter:  I'm sorry, I don't understand?

 #1: You know—the look! What are you a cave man or something?


(Quickly interrupting and then checking him out carefully and thoughtfully)

No. No, not a cave man. He looks like one of the disciples we read about in confirmation class.


I wouldn't know anything about a con, confer, what did you say? Confirmation class?

(All nod)

I wouldn't know about that, but yes, yes I am a disciple. I am a disciple of Jesus. I am Peter.


I know you! You ARE Peter!

(Looking at the others) You know, Peter!

(Trying to jog the other kids' memory) Peter the Rock! Jesus said, 'on this rock I will build my church!'

(With excited recognition) I know you! Jesus CALLED you. You were a fisherman. Once you fished for fish and Jesus called you to fish for people. I know you. We are going to celebrate you on Tuesday when we remember your confession! You know the confession of St. Peter

All: (including Peter) SAINT?

#3: Yes! Peter answered Jesus when He asked, "Who do the people say I am, and Peter said, "Jesus you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Then Jesus said, "Peter you are the rock and on this rock I will build my church."


Listen dude, I think you have been eating too many of those goofy fish you were supposed to be catching!

What would Jesus' disciple be doing here? Where did he come from?

#4: Why don't we ask him?

#5: So Peter, where did you come from and what do you want with us?

Peter: I came from God. I want you to answer God's CALL?

  Everyone stops and looks at Peter who looks content now that he has finally been able to get his message across.

#4: (confused) Our call?

Peter: (with satisfaction) Your call!

#5: (frustrated, practically shouting) WHAT CALL? We have been here for an hour and the phone has not rung once.

  Each of #1-5 pulls out a cell phone and checks for messages. Peter stands looking confused

#2: Wait, you are not talking about a 'PHONE CALL' are you? You are talking about 'GOD'S' call!

Peter: Precisely! God has called each of you. God is inviting you to answer God's call to serve one another, the world and your church.

#1: How do we do that?

#5: I know!

  (with thoughtfulness) It's coming to me! Yes, we answer our call from God by searching our hearts and following where we think God is sending us. For some of us that may mean being teachers, computer technicians, doctor's, sanitation engineers, personal care givers, students, you know?


For others that may mean having a special calling to specific ministries in your temple.

#2: You mean church. Are you talking about being Sunday school teachers, communion assistants?

#4: Members of the altar guild, the finance committee, worship, service, fellowship and support, mutual ministry, Christian education, bible study and all the other sub-committees and things.

#5: Don't forget the church council! My Mom sits on the church council!

Peter: Yes, all those things, but I am also hear to remind you that some of you have been called to be church professionals,

  (Group once again looking confused)

  Like diaconal ministers, pastors, seminary professors and one or two of you might some day be a bishop.

#1: Now I think that he has been SMOKING some of those goofy fish.

#3: Do you really think some of us are called to be diaconal ministers, pastors and even (pause) bishops?

Peter: Absolutely!

#5: I think I might be interested in checking this out?

#1-4: Yes, us too!

#1: But where do we go to get the information we need?

Peter: You could also contact your synod office, or your seminary and, oh yeah, Pastor (insert pastor's name).

Group: (All say goodbye saying things like) Great! Thanks Peter! See ya, later, bye.


Remember you are all called!

  The End.


In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
© Copyright 2007 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada