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Reinstatement to the diaconal ministers' roster of the ELCIC is the responsibility of the synod where the applicant was last under call. The process for reinstatement is found on page G-1 of this manual. Any person removed from a diaconal roster that existed prior to 1986 must apply for acceptance to the roster of diaconal ministers under the standards, criteria, policies and procedures that apply currently in the ELCIC.

Reinstatement to a roster of the ELCIC is the responsibility of the synod where the applicant was last under call as an ordained minister or diaconal minister of the ELCIC.

In the case of an applicant whose last call was in one of the ELCIC predecessor churches, the ELCIC synod on the geographical territory has the responsibility.

In the case of an applicant whose removal from the roster was the result of:

  1. the official disciplinary process of this church, or
  2. resignation or removal from the roster in lieu of the disciplinary process, or
  3. where the person was on leave or without call after conduct or allegations that could lead to disciplinary charges, the disciplinary guidelines of the ELCIC shall be followed.


The applicant provides to the synod with the completed Application for Reinstatement to the appropriate roster of the ELCIC.

Upon receipt of the application, the synod bishop forwards a copy to the Office of the Secretary of the ELCIC and requests any pertinent information the National Office may have concerning the applicant.

With the approval of the ELCIC Secretary, the reinstatement process may be transferred from the synod of previous roster to the synod of current residence, upon the written agreement of both CTELs and both synod bishops. The original synod provides the receiving synod with all information and documentation concerning the applicant.

The bishop arranges an interview with the applicant. The purpose of this interview is to determine the applicant's eligibility to be a candidate for ministry in the synod.

In the case of an applicant who was removed from the roster due to expiration of on leave from call status, the synod bishop may determine if the applicant is to be recommended for call. An applicant who is so recommended is added to the appropriate roster upon receipt and acceptance of a letter of call.

In the case of an applicant for whom inappropriate conduct or allegations of misconduct led to resignation or removal from the roster, the synod bishop examines the applicant for indications of repentance and amendment of life, and documents the corrective actions that have occurred before proceeding with the reinstatement process.

In the case of any applicant who has been off the roster or without a call for more than five years, the bishop may require the applicant to participate in the Psychological and Career Evaluation according to the policies of the ELCIC. The expense of this evaluation is the responsibility of the applicant.

The applicant is considered for reinstatement by the Examining Committee when the application is forwarded to the committee by the bishop. The applicant must prepare an essay or examination and submit it to the Examining Committee. A current complete Dossier is provided to the Examining Committee by the applicant. The bishop may, in his or her sole discretion, refuse the application or may forward the application to the Examining Committee with a written statement of the bishop's opinion of the application.

Action on the Application

The bishop may request additional information from any source deemed necessary in order to determine the applicant's readiness for ministry and suitability for reinstatement to the roster.

The Examining Committee interviews the applicant to explore all concerns related to reinstatement, including but not limited to:

  • the circumstances surrounding the removal of the applicant from the roster, including the applicant's reason(s) for leaving the roster;
  • the applicant's reason(s) for requesting reinstatement to the roster with a special focus upon what has changed in the person's life, faith, attitudes, and circumstances since the time of removal; and
  • discussion of the applicant's understanding of ordained or consecrated ministry in the ELCIC, and the applicant's willingness to serve in response to the needs of this church.


The Examining Committee shall make a recommendation to the Synod Council on the applicant's suitability to serve as a rostered minister of this church.

This recommendation may be one of the following:

  • approval of the candidate for reinstatement upon receipt and acceptance of a letter of call;
  • postponement of approval with specific recommendations for remedial or developmental work before further consideration for reinstatement; or
  • denial of approval for reinstatement.

If the Examining Committee denies an applicant recommendation for reinstatement, that decision is final and shall be provided to the applicant in writing along with reasons for denial. Any such applicant who desires reconsideration must begin the process again by applying under II.A. above.

If an applicant who was removed from the roster under circumstances described in paragraph II.F. above is recommended for reinstatement by the Examining Committee, such recommendation is not effective unless affirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the total membership of the Synod Council. After the Examining Committee reports its recommendation and the reasons for that recommendation to the Synod Council, the Synod Council may obtain whatever additional information or advice it deems necessary (including legal advice) before reviewing the decision of the Examining Committee.


An approved candidate is eligible for a call for a period of one year after approval by the synod.

The process for renewal of approval, as defined by this Candidacy Manual, is the same as that for other candidates for rostered ministry.

Upon receipt and acceptance of a properly issued and duly attested letter of call, the candidate is reinstated to the appropriate roster of this church.

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