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Areas of Specialization for Diaconal Ministers

Examples of areas for specialization in diaconal ministry are listed below. In each case the diaconal ministers serves under call from a congregation, synod council or national church council. The list is not exhaustive.


Church musician (equips others in the area of music, uses music as a form of community outreach and engagement with people outside the congregation)


Christian education director (encourages and assists community groups with educational concerns to use the church facilities and brings community education concerns to the congregation)

Community educator working for example in day care or a high school equivalency program


Congregational outreach coordinator (equips others for the work of evangelism and outreach in service to the community, bringing needs in the community to the attention of the congregation)

Youth worker (seeks ways to serve youth in the community through schools and community groups as well as the congregation; brings the needs of youth in the community and the world to the attention of the congregation)


Parish worker (equips others with skills for visitation and other tasks, seeking ways to engage the members of the congregation with those in need in the community)

Parish nurse (equips others to assist with health and wellness care within the community, extending these services to members of the community when appropriate, advocates for health care concerns with and in the congregation)

Community organizer or social worker serving in an agency under synod council call


Parish administrator (attempts to extend administrative assistance to those in need in the community, for example in assisting older persons and immigrants with tax forms)

Ecumenical Centre administrator

School administrator in a church-related institution

Health care administrator in a church-related institution

Synod administrator

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