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It's Your Call--identify, explore and celebrate vocation
For the Newsletter

Here you will find materials to promote your congregations' It's Your Call emphasis, including a sample bulletin announcement, newletter article and the logo.

Sample Bulletin Announcement

Where does the church find faithful pastors and lay diaconal ministers? The truth is that they all come from congregations like ours! Indeed, research indicates that the greatest influences on persons who hear the call to ordained or lay diaconal ministry are their pastor and their home congregation. Next Sunday you will be asked to participate in our church's It's Your Call programme. You will be asked to identify persons from our congregation whom you think have the gifts, and perhaps the call, to serve in ordained or lay diaconal ministry. Help someone else hear the message…It's Your Call.

Sample Newsletter Article

God is calling, but are we listening? Is our congregation encouraging members to hear and discern their call?

Once again this year our congregation is going to participate in the ELCIC's It's Your Call programme. The purpose of It's Your Call is to help congregations seek, identify and encourage women and men to become ordained pastors or lay diaconal ministers in our church.

Jesus' words "the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" ring particularly true for many of us. Several parishes in our church are presently without a pastor. At the same time our seminaries have been experiencing a gradual decline in enrollment.

At our worship service on January 15, 2006, you will be given the opportunity to nominate members of our congregation whom you believe have the gifts for ordained ministry.Those nominated will be interviewed by the pastor who will ask if they are willing to have their name forwarded to our synod office as a possible future candidate for ordained or lay diaconal ministry. Let's all play a part in this crucial programme for our church....…It's Your Call.

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