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First Call and Consecration

After a successful final evaluation by the Examining Committee of her or his synod and approval by the synod council, the bishop recommends the candidate for call. Those persons currently serving in a position who wish to remain in that position may do so providing the appropriate call process is followed under the direction of the synodical bishop. Calling bodies for diaconal ministers are identified in the ELCIC Bylaw Part III.1, section 3 as congregations, synods, National Church Council, and, in the case of National Officers, the convention of the ELCIC.

Once a candidate has received and accepted a letter of call, he or she is consecrated a diaconal minister according to the rite of this church. The service for consecration is arranged and conducted under the direction and oversight of the bishop in the synod where the first call is received, but may be delegated to another bishop, as particular circumstances require.

Diaconal ministers will be presented with a medallion and a diaconal stole at the service of consecration and the stole shall be worn during liturgical functions.

Guidelines related to Initial Calls to Ordained/Diaconal Ministry

  1. Initial calls for ordained ministers shall ordinarily be issued by congregations, in support of congregationally based ministries. A Call to Special Service is not normally intended for an initial call to ordained ministry and may only be issued as such, by a Synod Council, upon approval by the Conference of Bishops.
  2. Initial Calls for diaconal ministers may be issued by a Synod Council as a Call to Special Service in support of specialized ministries.
  3. Compensation for all initial calls shall ordinarily be at a level that allows for participation in the ELCIC Pension and Benefits Plan. Exceptions to this rule may only be made upon approval by the Conference of Bishops as requested by a Synod Council.

Approved by National Church Council
March 22, 2003

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