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It's Your Call--identify, explore and celebrate vocation
A Note to Confirmation Leaders

God's grace and peace to you!

Here is a detailed confirmation unit on the topic of 'vocation' and 'God's call.' In order to help things progress smoothly, please read through this lesson several times in order to become familiar with it yourself—look up any suggested Bible passages and think about the discussion questions in terms of your own life. A free-flowing conversation within this confirmation lesson works the best, and will encourage your youth to share freely, versus a lesson that is overly scripted.

There may be more material here than your allotted time allows. You may find it preferable to divide the lesson in half in order to get through it. If your time is longer, you may need to supplement it somewhat. Please feel free to adapt the activities to suit the needs of your own group and context.

Please prepare ahead of time! Transfer to newsprint that which needs to be on newsprint. Make the play-dough before the class begins. Generally, as much as you can do ahead of time, the better this will work!

May God be with you as you enter into the conversation of vocation and God's call with the young people in your church. This is important and has the potential of being a very meaningful conversation for you as well as for the youth you work with.

Peace and joy,

Rev. Christie Morrow
Pastor, St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Milverton, ON N0K IM0
October 2004

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