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Delegate Selection


The selection of voting delegates to the National Convention is covered under PART VII Conventions of the Administrative By-laws.


The maximum number of voting delegates at convention shall be 150. Eighty delegates shall be lay, 10 shall be youth, and 60 shall be rostered ministers. 


Synods shall be entitled to elect 10 delegates from each synod; the remaining delegates shall be apportioned among the synods based on baptized memberships 18 months prior to convention.


Youth delegates shall be baptized members between the ages of 16 and 25 inclusive on the first full day of the convention.


Each synod shall pay the cost of its delegates at a rate determined by the National Church Council.


The secretary of each synod shall forward to the secretary of this church at least 90 days before the convention a certified list of the regular and alternate delegates elected in the synod. The roll of the delegates to each convention shall be prepared by the secretary of this church in advance of the convention. Changes in the roll of delegates must be authorized by the synod concerned prior to the commencement of the convention.


For the 2017 National Convention, delegates attending from each synod are as follows:



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