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September 2004

E–Communiqué is sent out by the National Office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and contains news of opportunities, words of encouragement and recommendations of resources.

Follow the live links in this bulletin to read, print, cut and paste or link to other sites. If you prefer to receive the resources in print, order using the information below. This newsletter may be printed, photocopied and distributed.

We encourage you to send us the email addresses of other leaders in your congregation who could benefit from this information. Of course, you can stop receiving it at any time by sending us the message "Unsubscribe E–Communiqué" with your first and last name or the name of your church and city.

NOTE: We have added to our mailing list this summer. If this e-newsletter is coming to an address you'd rather we not use, please let us know at communique@elcic.ca. If we have not heard from you by September 30, we'll assume we have your permission to keep your email address for the purpose of sending e-news from the ELCIC. (Privacy Policy)

Inside this bulletin:

  • Stewardship – Resources and annual report cover
  • Mission – News of this summer's GME
  • GHDA – A refreshed website
  • Youth – A new challenge accepted—Mission Possible: Building Hope
  • Across the synods ELCIC staff changes, LOMIC, Writing Contest, Put your congregation onto the national website
  • Resources – LWF Sunday, Restorative Justice Week, WCC News
  • Nuggets from the Internet – Exciting resources available for your ministries
  • Our Stories – How did you choose your church home?

Stewardship (back to top)

Will your congregation's stewardship be off to a good start this year? ELCIC Sample Packet was mailed to your congregation last May. Excellent resources are available. Visit //elcic.ca/steward/steward.html (Be sure to browse the speaker's bureau.) or check out the ELCA resources in Augsburg Fortress catalogues and online at http://www.afcanada.com/ and http://www.elca.org/dcm/stewardship/

The Annual Report Covers are ready. If you have already ordered, they will soon be in the mail. If not, please order well in advance of your annual meeting. NEW this year—text and devotion are available as .pdf files at //elcic.ca/steward/2004.html

Mission (back to top)

About 40 Canadians travelled to Bozeman, Montana for the first-ever ELCA/ELCIC co-sponsored Global Mission Event, July 15-18, 2004. For a complete review of the event with stories, photos and action suggestions, start at //elcic.ca/mission.

Global Hunger and Development Appeal (back to top)

New material is now posted at //elcic.ca/ghda/index.html . Check it out for our new e-newsletter "Healing and Hope". Read past issues and subscribe on line. Browse the resources. Use the information to educate and inspire about GHDA.

Youth (back to top)

At ListenUp this summer, the youth of the ELCIC were given an exciting homework assignment. Called Mission Possible: Building Hope, the challenge is to sponsor and help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Groups will have a chance to take part in the actual construction before, during and after the 2006 Youth Gathering. Finances will be raised over the next two years. The first $70,000 will be used to sponsor one house in Winnipeg. Monies and energy raised beyond that will be shared with affiliates across our country. Watch http://youth.elcic.ca/nyp/2004-2006/index.php for details. Let us hear how your church will be a part of this project!

Across the Synods (back to top)

Staff changes at National Office may mean that your phone calls will connect with someone new. Catherine Pate began in July as ELW Editor. She replaces the newly retired Gayle Moore-Morrans. Gloria McNabb will join staff September 1 as Director of Finance and Administration. In turn, we must say good bye to Rhonda Lorch and Doreen Lecuyer. Rev Paul Johnson has added to his responsibilities the coordination of GHDA.

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Canada (LOMIC) will hold their annual conference at Luther Village, Oct 14-17. If you are camp director, staff or board member and want to know more, email Sharon Tillmanns at sharon@kinasao.ca . Registration deadline is Oct 1.

LutheransWrite Canada—a writing competition designed to encourage Lutheran writing and journalism—Rules and Guidelines at //elcic.ca/clweb/index.html—There is still time for entries. Special thanks go to Augsburg Fortress Canada, our cooperating partner, who will be contributing the prize money.

Welcome to the ELCIC—a new way to invite visitors to your congregation

The ELCIC has added a new feature on the front page of our website (http://www.elcic.ca) to appeal particularly to people looking for a church home. In the Welcome side bar, you'll see a picture of an ELCIC congregation with a link to their page in the "Find a Congregation" database. Each page refresh rotates the feature between participating congregations.

We would like to be able to feature every congregation in the ELCIC in this segment and invite you to participate. You can check out the existing information for your congregation by searching "Find a Congregation". Click on your congregation name in the search results to see all the information available.

A congregation may add any or all of the following to the basic information already listed on their page in the database:

  • an image with a descriptive caption. (It doesn't have to be a picture of the outside of the building—though it could be.)
  • worship times with a brief description ( eg. Sunday: 9 a.m. Service of the Word, 11:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist)
  • the congregation mission statement
  • a statement about the congregation's physical location—essential for those with PO Box mailing addresses but urban congregations may wish to add info about parking or the general area of the city, or between which cross streets the church is located.
  • a brief description of congregational life—the distinctive gifts that you bring to our joint community You can include in this section a specific invitation to visit your congregational website.

There is no deadline for participation. Send information and image to Mary Krieger. Please indicate whether you would like photos returned. Mary Krieger, Information systems, Web site Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, 302-393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB R3B 3H6 Ph 888.786.6707 ext 155, Email mkrieger@elcic.ca

Resources (back to top)

LWF Sunday, October 31 Celebrate our ministry together with others around the world this October on LWF Sunday. Visit the LWF North America website http://www.elca.org/lwf for worship resources that will assist you in planning. Further information is available from the LWF North America Office 1-800-638-3522 ext 2635, kmagnus@elca.org. YOU are the LWF. YOU make a difference!

Restorative Justice Week, November 14-21: Watch for the 2004 Restorative Justice Week kit of resource material, available in September at http://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/text/forum/restore2004/home_e.shtml

Miss the WCC NEWS? On-line copy and many other resources are available at http://www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/news/index-e.html

Nuggets from the Internet (back to top)

Job Opportunity: The Church Council on Justice and Corrections, a national non-government organization working in the field of restorative justice and criminal justice, is looking for a finance/administration staff position, four days a week. There is a benefits package. http://www.ccjc.ca and http://www.charityvillage.ca/applicant/jobs.asp?fn=view&g_varID=27667

Have some of your youth moved to attend school this fall? Why not keep them connected by putting them on a congregational mailing list? E-mail is especially easy for all to use. For more ideas: http://www.elca.org/co/seeds/JulyAug04web.pdf (page 2 "Reach Out to College Students")

What kind of a Stewardship example are you setting at your church? It all matters—from recycling paper to careful use of lights and water and on to handling cleaning fluids and pesticides. You can do a serious Environmental Audit using the resource at http://www.elca.org/dcs/epr/environment/pdf/envaudit.pdf

ELCA has introduced a website on prayer to "activate and mobilize this church to pray for renewal that is grounded in the Word." You'll find meditation, prayer requests, daily Bible reading, prayers for different occasions, prayer 101 and more. http://www.elca.org/prayer

A Resource packet that highlights tools and provisions for planning another year of Christian Education. You will also find Bible studies and intergenerational program outlines for teaching the fundamentals of faith from a Lutheran perspective. All are invited to adapt this material to enrich your own context and intent http://www.elca.org/dcm/christian_education/

Searching for resources you can use with new members? Lots of ideas at http://www.elca.org/co/seeds/JulyAug04web.pdf (page 6, scroll down to "Resource Centers look…")

Special Needs Curriculum: A long-time dream of ELCA Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services has finally become a reality in "Exploring Faith and Life"—a curriculum for adults with developmental disabilities, including activities/opportunities for promoting involvement in the life of the congregation. Ordering information can be accessed at http://www.blhs.org/home.asp (search for Exploring Faith and Life) or 800/369-4636 ext. 3418 or e-mail ncrc@blhs.org

Singing the Faith from Luther Seminary —Here's a link you'll want to know about. Worship services based on Luther's Catechism have been held at Luther Seminary in recent years. Resources that may be interesting and helpful to Christian educators and worship planners are free for your use as long as you give credit where credit is due. http://hymnuts.luthersem.edu/hcompan/singfait.htm

Our Stories (back to top)

How did you choose your church? Many congregations have as members two or even three-generation families. As the kids grow up and have their own children, they choose to stay. Do you drive past other Lutheran churches so as to sit by Grandma and Gramps each Sunday?

Others attend because of a particular ministry of the church. Were you drawn in by the pipe organ? Is the choir your opportunity to praise God in song? Do your children look forward weekly to a lively Sunday School? Did the hospitable congregation reach out to you in a time of need? Or maybe you chose the church closest to your home.

Transportation made a big difference to one family I knew. Peter and Laurie* had recently moved from a small town to a large city. They were unfamiliar with streets and uncomfortable in the traffic. Laurie had realized that right turns were less stressful than left, which meant crossing heavy traffic. So when it came time to choose a place to worship, she sat with a map and found the church closest to their new home…that could be reached by making only right turns! Many years later, they knew that they had made the right decision. (Isaiah 30:21)

God bless you as you worship and participate in the congregation of your choice.

*not their real names

Some of the resources mentioned are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to fully describe the item and tell us the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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