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Brightly woven cloth from Peru

June 18, 2004


Katharine Bergbusch serves with the Peruvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (ILEP). She has provided guidance and theological education to the first seven pastors ordained in ILEP and accompanies the leadership of ILEP in administrative matters

One of Katharine's roles is to encourage small development projects like Sara's Circle (Circulo de Sara) and to help them market their products.

Sara's Circle is a group of women living in Marquez, Lima, in the same community as ILEP's congregation Luz Divina. This group developed from among women that Pastor Margaret Kreller gathered and began training in knitting and production (about 1992). Those that persisted and perfected the art formed Sara's Circle.

The three women who maintain the group have little or no support from their spouses to support, educate and feed their children. Their products were hand knitted until they were able to buy their own knitting machine. Their specialty is knitting alpaca products, a fibre that is soft, durable, almost water-resistant and warm. Besides clerical stoles for all the liturgical seasons, they knit pullovers, cardigans, gloves and scarves, toques, shawls and women's stoles.

Red Clergy Stoles

Is a member of your family or your congregation about to be ordained into the ministry of Word and Sacrament? Present them with a beautiful red stole made in Peru by Sara's Circle, a women's knitting mini-factory associated with the Peruvian Evangelical Lutheran Church. The ELCIC has available 5 red stoles for Pentecost or ordination knit from a blend of alpaca and acrylic fibres, hand embroidered with designs of doves and flames. The cost is a modest $67.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Lengths vary so specify long or shorter. Order from Doreen Thorlacius at dorernst@mts.net. Prepayment, please.

There may be slight variations in the design from the picture but all have a dove and flames.

red stoles knit from a blend of alpaca and acrylic fibres, hand embroidered with designs of a dove on one side and flames on the other

More information about Katharine's ministry: //elcic.ca/mission/missionaries/bergbusch/bergbusch.html


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