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January/February 2004

E–Communiqué is sent out by the National Office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. and contains seasonally–appropriate resources from the ELCIC.

Follow the live links in this bulletin to read, print, cut and paste or link to other sites. If you prefer to receive the resources in print, order using the information below. This newsletter may be printed, photocopied and distributed. Please forward it to other leaders in your congregation.

We encourage you to send us the email addresses of other leaders in your congregation who could benefit from this information. Of course, you can stop receiving it at any time by sending us the message "Unsubscribe E–Communiqué" with your first and last name or the name of your church and city.

Inside this bulletin:

ON–LINE DIRECTORY (back to top)

Wondering what will replace the ELCIC Yearbook? Need to find a congregation or locate an ELCIC pastor? Start at http://www.elcic.ca and choose "directory".

PRIVACY POLICY (back to top)

ELCIC National Church Council has approved a Policy to Protect Personal Information and national staff is working to comply with its conditions. Documents explaining the policy are posted at //elcic.ca/privacy.html

YOUTH (back to top)

Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) is an annual event celebrated by 34 international organizations in over 150 nations. GYSD offers us a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on the spirit and energy of Canada's youth. On April 16–18, youth volunteers will be busy. Food drives, car washes, choir performances, and habitat clean–ups are just some of the activities we can expect to hear about. And there will be new projects launched–new community service projects that herald the involvement of greater numbers of youth volunteers. GYSD provides Canadians with an opportunity to recognize and honour youth volunteers; it is a time to applaud and encourage the efforts of young people making a difference in our communities. Information, posters, brochures and more at http://www.gysd.net or from Volunteer Canada at http://www.volunteer.ca ("National Events" ) or 1-800-670-0401

ELW (back to top)

– FAMILIES OF FAITH Bible Study: How do we "embody Christ" in our families, give thanks for those who offer us loyalty, devotion and the freedom to make our own choices, or appreciate the different gifts we bring as siblings in Christ? How does our sense of identity shape our behaviour and actions? Have we considered the implications of jealousy, hostility, forgiveness and reconciliation? Have we explored how God offers us reassurance and guidance in difficult times or reflected on what strengthens and challenges our relationships with others?

The 9–session Bible study "Families of Faith" offers a unique look at these issues while studying various biblical and contemporary family configurations. The Bible studies are available in the 2004 issues of Esprit magazine or as individual Big Print volumes. An accompanying resource, Leader's Guide and Study Helps, offers further guidance for group or individual study. Visit: http://www.elw.ca/prog_res/bs/bs1.htm Order at 204.984.9161 or elwinc@elcic.ca.

– WALKING BY FAITH-NATIONAL ELW QUADRENNIAL CONVENTION. Enter the Labyrinth; Explore the Paths; Rejoice in the Gift! July 8–11, 2004, Winnipeg Convention Centre. For information contact the ELW office: 204.984.9161; elwinc@elcic.ca.

STEWARDSHIP (back to top)

– Theme material to support your congregation's year–round stewardship program is still available. See "Let God Lead" at Download or order from orders@elcic.ca

– Thanks to the donations sent in by congregations with their stewardship order, we were able to cover our stewardship postage costs in 2003. Once again, a financial subsidy from Lutheran Laity Movement for Stewardship – Canada, kept the price of materials lower. Good teamwork! Good stewardship!

MISSION (back to top)

– Global Mission Event (GME) 2004, "Claimed by God's Grace", registration brochures now available: The joint ELCA/ELCIC GME in Bozeman, Montana will be at Montana State University, July 15 to 18, 2004. Canadian participants will join with several hundred others to immerse themselves in mission experiences from North America and around the world. Children and youth programs will be a big part of it and Yellowstone National Park is close by so the Bozeman event is an excellent summer vacation opportunity for the whole family. For details and registration forms go to //elcic.ca/mission/world or contact Kelvin Krieger, Program Coordinator, Mission in the World, vim@elcic.ca, 1.888.786.6707 ext 164.

– Colour poster of ELCIC Missionaries: Do you still have the old black and white missionary poster on your bulletin board? A current poster of ELCIC missionaries can be printed in colour from the Mission in the World web site and you can replace it yourself whenever this web page is updated. Go to //elcic.ca/mission/world and click on the "Missionaries" tab.

WORSHIP (back to top)

This summer's National Worship Conference, entitled "Breaking Bread…Breaking Boundaries", is an event jointly sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and by the Anglican Church of Canada. Jesus broke bread with everyone, breaking down the boundaries of inequality and discrimination around him, and we are called to follow him. The main presentations and the workshops will seek to discover where the boundaries of the church are, and will explore how our worship might break those boundaries.

If you are involved in planning worship, leading worship, or simply enjoy all things worshipful, you will find in this conference a place to be informed and inspired. You will have the opportunity to share your interests and insights with other interested and interesting people. This conference will also be important to people who work in mission, in the catechumenate, in evangelism, and in ecumenical ministries. For more information and to register, visit http://www.worship.ca (icon top right)

JUSTICE (back to top)

– A 2003–04 education and action campaign challenges the idea that peace can be secured by force, recognizing this as the vision that feeds the War on Terror. "Cultivating Just Peace" proposes an alternative vision, long promoted by the churches, in which universal respect for human rights and freedom from fear and want are seen as the path to 'true' security. Read on at http://www.kairoscanada.org/e/action/campaign.asp. For information: info@kairoscanada.org or toll-free 1 877 403 8933, extension 233. Order from orders@kairoscanada.org or leave a message at 1 877 403 8933 x246.

– A recent news release from the Lutheran Office for Public Policy (LOPP) invites signatures on a petition that calls upon the Federal Government to work specifically towards a more efficient Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS. The petition may be read in full and signed on-line at http://www.united-church.ca/beads/petition/home.shtm The objective is to obtain 100,000 signatures by February 28,2004.

RESOURCES FOR LENT (back to top)

– Fair Trade Chocolate: Consider during Lent and Easter this year using candy

  1. Connect with the traditions of Lent: fasting – giving up candy for Lent; prayer, Bible study and reflection (Micah 6:8).
  2. Put the focus on hunger and injustice in the world. Encourage sharing the equivalent of what would have been spent on candy with those who need it (GHDA).
  3. At Easter comes the feast – with a chocolate–y, "sweet justice" twist! Advertise the availability of chocolate through the "fair trade" network, in which the people who grow the cocoa beans in developing countries get a fair price for what they grow – and are thus are enabled to provide for their families.
  4. Lots of help and ideas at http://www.lwr.org/fairtrade/index.html and http://www.elca.org/wo/cafe/issue001/internet_cafe.html or http://www.elca.org/wo/lwt/03issues/1003sto2.html or just type "fair trade chocolate" into your search window and get resources like the Canadian http://www.lasiembra.com/home.htm Also from the ELCA, their newsletter "Seeds for the Parish" see page 6 http://www.elca.org/co/seeds/JanFeb04web.pdf

– Lift Up Your Hearts at http://www.worship.ca offers many ideas for Lenten activities.

– Partners for Healing resources will support Lenten studies and teach more about the partnership between GHDA and CLWR. //elcic.ca/ghda/resources.html or order in print from National Officefor $5 per set.

OTHER (back to top)

– Connect Baptism to the Seasons of Life. A new and interesting website to visit offers ideas for prayer, liturgy, discussion and group activities that connect baptism to the seasons and milestones of life. Scroll down to Baptismal Affirmations.

– Clergy Burnout Survey. The ABT Synod, with the permission of the Alban Institute has posted a survey for ordained and diaconal ministers on the issue of burnout of ministers. Clergy generally are in one of the highest at–risk groups for burnout in Canada and the Christmas season often takes a heavy toll. You can find the survey at http://www.albertasynod.ca/ministry/survey.html. The more who participate, the better the picture the survey will provide.

MOUSEPAD (back to top)

Have you ever noticed that change paralyzes some while it pushes others right into overdrive?

More and more, the ELCIC is comfortable with electronic communication. The E–Communiqué now reaches 84% of our congregations, encouraging all to take advantage of materials on–line. Congregations are mentored as they adopt Lotus Notes. And all the while, people of vision are dreaming up new ways to use that family of communication that we call RASMUS.

One dream came true recently. If you visit //elcic.ca/Project-Rasmus/default.cfm you will find an on–line Directory. Try it out.

Another dream is a list of prayer requests. Imagine! A congregation in Lower Sackville, Middlewood or High River could ask for prayer as they call a new pastor. The confirmation class in Yellowknife, Whitehorse or Red Deer could request a blessing on their special day. Illness, grief, celebration – we could share it all across the ELCIC.

As the database grows, dreamers are imagining a time when information will be called up according to an interest or need…all ELCIC congregations with a membership under 100; congregational newsletter editors; German language worship services; missionaries back on leave, intergenerational Vacation Bible Schools...the possibilities are endless.

Can RASMUS make it happen? We are very optimistic. If you have a RASMUS dream, let someone at Synod or National Office hear of it.

Some of the resources mentioned in E–Communique are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to fully describe the item and tell us the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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