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Omands Creek in flood--Photo; Mary Krieger

April 2004

E–Communiqué is sent out by the National Office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and contains news of opportunities, words of encouragement and recommendations of resources.

Follow the live links in this bulletin to read, print, cut and paste or link to other sites. If you prefer to receive the resources in print, order using the information below. This newsletter may be printed, photocopied and distributed.

We encourage you to send us the email addresses of other leaders in your congregation who could benefit from this information. Of course, you can stop receiving it at any time by sending us the message "Unsubscribe E–Communiqué" with your first and last name or the name of your church and city.

Inside this bulletin:

STEWARDSHIP (back to top)

What does every congregation want…and every Synod have? Specialists with a passion for and knowledge about stewardship! If you'd like advice, support or even a visit, call your synod office and ask to talk to your "Synod Stewardship Consultant". Or browse resources in the privacy of your own office by visiting //elcic.ca/steward/steward.html

Offerings, Lutheran Planned Giving's newsletter, is available on–line at //elcic.ca/lpg/offerings.html or in print by contacting Jeff Pym at 1.888.308.9461. Contents include: "Leading by Example", "A Gift in the Drawer?" and "The Lighter Side."

YOUTH (back to top)

Evergreen Youth Television Video Camp teaches video production, leadership skills, relationship building and life skills. Do you know someone entering into grades 10–12 this fall and who would be interested in this event? The next camp is scheduled for July 21-August 1, 2004 near Seattle. Please visit http://www.eytv.org for more information and to obtain a camp application. Deadline for applications is May 31. The ELCIC Program for Youth Ministry offers a bursary of $500 each for two youth to attend the camp. Please contact Rev. Elaine Sauer for grant application information at esauer@elcic.ca. The deadline for grant applications is May 1, 2004.

Attention: Youth Ministry Leaders. Resources exist on–line to strengthen and empower your service to Christ. Check out the ELCIC features at http://youth.elcic.ca/leader/ and the ELCA resources at http://www.elcaymnet.org/

Two ListenUP phonebooths are travelling ACROSS Canada, making their way to HAMILTON, Ontario, just in time for the 2004 Youth gathering. Get involved! DRIVE the booth to its next location. RAISE AWARENESS about the gathering by assembling the booth at your church. Do a Sunday morning announcement. HOST an evening event. Plan a FUNDRAISING event while the booth is in your area. TAKE PHOTOS of your Youth Group and the booth, and send them here! Read all the details, see the pictures and register your youth group at http://youth.elcic.ca/listenup/

Looking for a meaningful focus for an event? THINKfast is a 25–hour educational and fundraising fast. It's a fun way for youth and young adults to learn and help those in the Global South to build a better life. Young people learn they can make a difference in the fight against global poverty and hunger by working together. http://youth.devp.org/


Endowment Fund for Internships is an initiative to help create funding for internships and help individuals connect with the larger church's mission of training pastors to serve in our congregations. We have all had a pastor serve our congregation. In most cases, another congregation provided the financial support for the internship of your pastor. It takes at least $20,000 per year to fund an internship. You can help make it possible for congregations and pastors who are gifted in teaching, supervising and nurturing an intern to provide this training opportunity which is essential to the mission of the church. All financial gifts should be sent to the National office of the ELCIC, with an indication it is for the Endowment Fund for Internships.

The ELCIC sponsored Diaconal Formation Event is available to candidates for diaconal ministry who have been endorsed by their synods Candidacy Committee or Committee for Theological Education and Leadership (CTEL). This event is integral to the preparation of lay diaconal ministry candidates in assisting in shaping their course of study and field experience. The event will be held at Camp Kuriakos, Oct. 3-9. Please contact your synod committee for more information about the process.

MISSION (back to top)

Many current and recently returned ELCIC missionaries will be presenters at the Global Mission Event (GME) in Bozeman, Montana, July 15 to 18, including Brian Rude, Lori Endress, Erika Parker, Margaret Sadler, Marcus Busch and Anne Hallman. ELCIC Vice-President Susan Johnson will participate in the Bozeman GME and preside at the closing worship. ABT Bishop Steve Kristenson will convene a session on the ABT Synod's companion relationship with IELCO. Rev David Pfrimmer, Director of the Lutheran Office of Public Policy, will be part of a panel discussion on globalization issues. GME posters and registration brochures are now being distributed to congregations by the synod offices. View a promotional video clip of the upcoming Global Mission Event "Claimed by God's Grace". http://www.elca.org/gme/index.html (scroll down and watch the right hand side)

WORSHIP (back to top)

Do your summer plans include a four–day stay in the lovely city of Toronto attending the ELCIC/ACC National Worship Conference? To get your registration form, visit http://www.worship.ca and follow the Breaking Bread... Breaking Boundaries… links to the registration page. Or call 416-493-1435 to register in person.


A new editor is needed at the ELW office in Winnipeg. Please encourage women with the training and skills required to apply. Start date is July 2004. Applications will be accepted up to and including May 7, 2004. Details available from rvince@elcic.ca, elwinc@elcic.ca or elwinc@elcic.ca.

SYNOD LIFE (back to top)

We are heading into the season of Synod Conventions. Why not add each synod to your prayer list especially as they meet to plan their mission? BC April 22–25; MNO April 29–May 2; ABT June 3–6; Eastern June 23–27; SK July 4–7. Visit synod websites for details. //elcic.ca/direct/synods.html

The Men's Ministry Committee in SK synod invite you to this year's Fall Men's Retreat, October 29–31, 2004. Guest Presenter will be Mr. Doug Haugen, Executive Director of Lutheran Men In Mission, ELCA. Doug will assist us in building bridges with a dynamic ministry for men of all ages in congregation and community This year we are offering a special invitation to younger men to come to the retreat for Bridges Building. Contact Stan Hilderman sahilderman@sk.sympatico.ca or 1-306-757-9134

RESOURCES (back to top)

Multiple–Point Rural Resources. Many congregations in rural areas are looking at an old strategy to address concerns of diminishing resources – shared ministry. Information is available to help you consider this arrangement. Ask your synod office. The ELCA suggests a study and resources at http://www.elca.org/do/ruralministry.html . It is also available in print 1.304.243.1114

An Earth Day Sunday 2004 resource from the National Council of Churches' Eco–Justice working Group is available for download or in print This year's resource, "Life–giving Breath of God: Protecting Precious Air Resources, " includes a bulletin insert, sermon starter, litany, community success stories, quick facts and advocacy information. Download from http://www.elca.org/dcs/epr/environment/envindex.html or order in print at 1.800.638.3522 ext 2996

WCC News is once again available. Order copies in English or French from orders@elcic.ca (for cost of shipping) or find it on–line at http://www.wcc-coe.org/wccnews/index.html You may want to spend some time on this site! Home is http://www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/english.html

Binding Cases/Shannon Files: Heavy–duty cardboard construction with a removable 3.5 inch two ring arch, letter size. Uses: filing cheques, filing invoices, filing paper, filing just about anything. They normally cost anywhere $3-$6 each. Yours for only the cost of shipping! Call Juliann Schneider at National Office ext.176 or jschneider@elcic.ca


"Dead Languages: People can be lost if we insist on speaking them and nothing else" http://www.adventistreview.org/2004-1510/story2.html

"Ordained by Baptism" by Martin Marty http://www.christiancentury.org/memo.html

Movie Reviews: http://www.christianitytoday.com/movies/

OUR STORIES (back to top)

Seed Planting at National Office

Last month rural MNO Pastor Nancy Walker used a school holiday to bring her confirmation students to Winnipeg. The teens joined national staff for morning devotions, chatted around the staff room table over juice and cookies, then toured the offices hearing, in a nutshell, about the work of the church.

Kelvin Krieger told of companion synods and partner churches. Ruth Vince shared photos of girls their age in India for whom the need to work has already replaced any hope of further education. Barb Fast gave them a sneak preview of the next stewardship theme.

Then they were off – to visit First English (a downtown church with an urban mission heart), Pastor Rick Schultz, chaplain at the University of Manitoba, and the offices of CLWR. (Some shopping at the mall and movie night with Pastor Nancy rounded out the day)

It was a wonderfully different morning at National Office and hopefully a day of learning about their church in a very real way for the youth. Thanks Pastor Nancy. (If you would like to arrange a visit with a group from your congregation, contact Barb Fast ext 153 or mailto:bfast@elcic.ca).

[Do you have a story of ELCIC life that you'd like to share? Send it to bfast@elcic.ca or mail or fax it to National Office "attention Barb".]

Some of the resources mentioned are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to fully describe the item and tell us the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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