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VOL 30 NO 3

Previewing the 15th Biennial Convention: A time to reflect, connect and be transformed.

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As the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the mission of Canada Lutheran is to engage the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in a dynamic dialogue in which information, inspiration and ideas are shared in a thoughtful and stimulating way.



Kindling: 2014 Bible Study Series


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Liberated by God’s Grace

As we approach the National Convention, I’m already getting glimpses of enlivened spirits. After the last meeting of the National Church Council (NCC) I picked up a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for the future from NCC members and national staff. As I worked on our feature, I discovered why.

NCC is offering our church an exciting vision and challenge. Will their enthusiasm and excitement be contagious I wonder?

As a veteran of more conventions than I care to number, I have tended to become a bit blasé about such things. I’m discovering a hope and excitement stirring that makes me glad I’ll be in Edmonton this July.

Of course the real excitement will come in future issues of this magazine as we are able to report the ways individuals, congregations, specialized ministries and synods respond to the decisions of this convention.

In her column at the end of this issue, National Bishop Susan Johnson urges us to pray for our church as we meet in National Convention, “Pray that God will give us vision, lead us into wise decisions, enliven our spirits and strengthen us to be a church In Mission for Others.”

In this issue, we lay out the convention’s agenda for your consideration. What you do with it will help to answer our bishop’s prayer.

Kindling picks up the convention’s theme Liberated by God’s Grace and helps us learn from Peter how that happens.

In an Our Church in Mission interview with Margaret Sadler, you can learn a bit about KAIROS, social justice and our shared journey with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, valuable background for this July’s convention.

In Q & A, Rev. Dr. Cameron Harder reflects on what we can still learn from Dietrich Bonhoeffer 70 years after his death.

If such matters stir something in you that make you want to volunteer to do something significant for others, take time to read Heather Patterson’s observations about modern “voluntourism” in Practising Our Faith.

A special thank you to the many potential writers who have responded to our Facebook request for such people to con-
tact me. At least a few of them will help us learn more about our church and being In Mission for Others in future issues.

Kenn Ward, Editor