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Jan 2015

The Spirituality Of Aging: Aging Teaches Us Love.

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Kindling: 2013 Bible Study Series


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The Spirituality of Aging

When I boarded the crowded bus on my way home from a busy day at the office, a young man got up and graciously offered me his seat. I accepted gratefully. I thought to myself, “You’ve officially become a senior citizen.”

Our feature provides wonderful wisdom about aging. It goes beyond the challenges and difficult decisions that aging often brings and teaches us about being schooled in lessons of love. I was reminded of these words from the hymn When Memory Fades, “Speak to our souls of love that never alters.” (EvLW 792)

Vida Jaugelis does more than teach us about making decisions about how to best care for our aging parents. She provides vital insight into our own aging, particularly those of us who are the baby boomers. Remember when our motto was “never trust anyone over 30”?

I needed her to help me realize that a healthy spirituality of aging sees dependence not as a marker of a failed old age, but as a marker of our humanity that accompanies us from the moment we are born.

Rev. Daranne Harris picks up our feature’s theme as she begins her third series of Kindling: A Bible Study with Aging Well with Simeon and Anna. This year’s material will feature various people in the Bible.

Practising Our Faith helps readers consider part of the answer to one of the challenges we face as we age, the legacy we will leave behind when we die.

We’ve all wrestled with some of the more disturbing passages of scripture such as God commanding Saul to kill every Amalekite man, woman and child. In Q&A, Rev. Thomas Keeley turns to Martin Luther for some advice. A word of caution, he may cause more wrestling.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that a new approach to Our Church in Mission begins in this issue. Luke Filipowicz, a Creative Communications student at Red River College in Winnipeg and a member of Grace, Winnipeg, is making his debut as a regular columnist for Canada Lutheran. He will be writing about various people in our church who are involved in the many opportunities that make us a church In Mission for Others. I hope that they will not only inform you about what’s happening but may also inspire you to get involved yourself.

Kenn Ward, Editor