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Oct/Nov 2014

An Attitude of Gratitude: How  to be joyful & generous .

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Recovering Thanksgiving

A reader commented that a sense of thanksgiving seems to be disappearing in church. Remember that old prayer acronym—ACTS—adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication? How much of each is heard in our prayers, worship, conversations and other activities?

One woman said that she felt guilty whenever she thought about how much she had been blessed because she realized how much better off she was than so many others. She has become afraid to count her blessings for fear that she might be thought to be saying that she thought that she counted more with God than those who were not so fortunate.

The civic time of Thanksgiving will have passed when you read this issue and your congregation may be venturing into a stewardship awareness program of some sort. I asked Bonnie Arends to give us some food for thought about these things and she did not disappoint me.

As she wrote about an attitude of gratitude, she reminded me of some realities and biblical teaching that I needed to hear once more and she challenged me to some new ways of thinking and acting. I will not be surprised if you respond the same way when you read our feature article.


The theme of our feature article is echoed in Enough, this month’s Bible study, and you may even hear whispers of it in The Second Coming in Q & A.

Bullying has become a major concern in our society. Practising Our Faith reminds us that bullying happens in churches too and offers some insight into what might be done better.


In the synod sections in this issue, as in every issue, there are some wonderful stories about what is going on in our church. Among them are a unique pairing of Sunday school children and adults in Chilliwack, B.C., a memorable baptism at Glory, Sherwood Park, Alta., a celebration of 25 years of Anglicans and Lutherans working and worshipping together in Rosetown, Sask., recognition of 28 years of a woman’s faithful service with a refugee sponsorship program in Winnipeg, and the beginning of a new venture in mission in Waterloo, Ont. called thirdspace.

These stories and all the others like them inspire and inform us because readers like you took time to provide them to our hard-
working synod editors. You have stories just as important to tell us. Please share them with your synod editor so that we can hear them too.

Kenn Ward, Editor