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Jul/Aug 2014

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As the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the mission of Canada Lutheran is to engage the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in a dynamic dialogue in which information, inspiration and ideas are shared in a thoughtful and stimulating way.



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Spiritual Development

There is a reason spiritual practices are called practice. Spiritual development is a process that continues to develop. My own practices are an ongoing journey along a winding and twisting path of new discoveries that sometimes disturb, usually challenge and often amaze.

In our cover story Beth Wagshal advises that basically all that is required for spiritual development is a commitment to setting a time and place and then showing up. Sometimes that takes some imagination and persistence.

One woman with a busy household finally found a solution by putting a chair down in the basement next to the furnace. Imagine the conversations that started in that household.

This issue offers a number of suggestions that many people are using for their own spiritual development. Some may reinforce what you are already doing. A new idea may cause you to venture into a practice that you’ve never tried before.

Or it may be this issue is one that you need to tuck away for the future. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time to get started.

My current spiritual practice is strongly influenced by the writings of John Main, a Roman Catholic priest and Benedictine monk who presented a way of Christian meditation which uses a prayer-phrase or mantra. It took me many years to finally work with his teachings and after a dozen years or so, I still feel like I’m only beginning. When I first was introduced to his writings, I read through a bit and found that I just wasn’t ready to do anything with this at the time. However I kept the book. Now I’m glad I did.

While I was working on this issue, I discovered a spiritually stimulating little read that you might want to savour this summer: Wine and the Word: Savor & Serve by Kurt Senske, Creative Communications for the Parish, 2014.

This month’s Bible study addresses faith’s witness to our so-called age of anxiety. That view is reinforced by Q & A’s discussion about how angels can transform our hell into heaven, as well as some thoughts about how to discover and be angels unawares.

Our youth gatherings play a vital role in empowering our youth and developing their leadership. To learn more about the process, take a look at Our Church in Mission.

Have you ever dozed off during a sermon or wanted to ask your pastor some questions about what was said in the sermon? Perhaps Practising Our Faith may prompt you to some useful conversations with your pastor.

Kenn Ward, Editor