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The Many Faces Of Loss: A look into the personal journey through loss.

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Kindling: 2014 Bible Study Series


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The Many Faces of Loss

When I was a student at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Dr. Delton Glebe was a pioneer in understanding what we have come to know as grief work. We had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross whose book On Death and Dying was helping people to talk about and think about such matters in ways that they never had before.

She wrote about five stages of grieving and many young pastors naively charged ahead determined that we would make sure that everyone grieved properly through each stage. We soon realized that life and grief didn’t work quite that way and we learned more as we went along.

I once invited Delton to talk about death and dying to a local ministerial group. As he spoke, I noticed that two of the pastors had begun to grieve and that, without drawing attention to either of them, he began to help them with their grief as he continued his talk. Afterward he spent time with each. One thanked him and said, “I hadn’t allowed myself to really grieve the death of my father since he died 30 years ago and now I’m finally able to.”

Rev. Dr. Christine Lund now wears Delton’s mantle as clinical director of The Delton Glebe Counselling Centre. Our feature talks about what we’ve learned about loss along the way; things that may help you navigate through some of the experiences of loss in your own life and also help you to help others.

You may notice that doing things together emerges as a recurring sub-text in our columns. It’s more than learning about marriage in the Old Testament in Q & A.

It also turns up in how we worship together in convention. There’s a bit of background to this worship at the upcoming convention in Our Church in Mission.

Practising Our Faith shows how being the church together broadens our experience of how to be the church.

Surprisingly it also sneaks up on us in Kindling as we think about refugees with Pricilla and Aquila; something I certainly never noticed before.

Kenn Ward, Editor