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Dec 2014

The Other Christmas Story: When the Word became flesh.

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Kindling: 2013 Bible Study Series


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The Other Christmas Story

Are you a bit tired of the tinsel and trappings, toys and noise that come with Christmas? Perhaps you’ve grown a bit jaded by the all too familiar Christmas tales, pageants and songs.

I doubt that your congregation will sing O Word of God Incarnate (EvLW 514) on Christmas Eve this year. It seems to be the only hymn in our worship book that proclaims the third Christmas gospel reading John 1:1–14, the one we often overlook which reminds us that, the Word became flesh and lived among us …(John 1:14).

I invited Tim Wray to help Canada Lutheran’s readers dig a little deeper into the meaning of Christmas by unwrapping this gift of God for us. It will be worth taking some time to ponder it and stretch your mind.

When you’ve read it, it is my hope that you’ll embrace Christmas and all the “earthly/earthy” things we bring to it with greater insight, joy and wisdom.

oh, teach your wand’ring pilgrims
by this their path to trace,
till, clouds and darkness ended,
they see you face to face.
—William W. How, O Word of God Incarnate


Several of our writers have take up the theme of giving gifts.
In Kindling: A Bible Study the urge to create stimulates new thought into what we put into our gifts.

Gayle Baglole’s piece on Gifts of Love in Practising Our Faith may generate some costly giving among us that will bless the giver as well as those to who such gifts are given.

In Q&A, Rev. Dr. Kristine Ruffatto unwraps more about the Word as she helps readers understand what we mean when we call the Bible the inspired Word of God.

As a special treat, you will want to turn to the Saskatchewan Synod section for Bishop Sid Haugen’s unique retelling of the story for the ages.

Speaking of bishops, our National Bishop Susan Johnson nicely wraps up this issue with some wise words about The Giving Season.

Kenn Ward, Editor