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Study Two: From the Old Testament - Marriage and Divorce
Having introduced the creation stories into the discussion of homosexuality, one is almost compelled to deal with all the other passages which have to do with marriage and the family. While this is not the place to pursue such questions extensively, what is written in the Bible about divorce is germane to our deliberations.

Faced with the reality of marriage breakdown, the law of Moses legitimated the possibility of divorce and provided for a process which protected the wellbeing and dignity of the partners (Deuteronomy 24:1–4).

When Jesus' adversaries broached the subject of divorce, Jesus appealed to the creation story as an indication of God's original intention in the matter. He specifically quoted Genesis 1:27 and interpreted divorce (and remarriage) as a form of adultery (Matthew 5:32; 19:9; Mark. 10:11). Yet Jesus himself seems to have recognized the appropriateness of what Moses had done. Moses had made concessions to the hardness of the human heart (Mark 10:5).

What do you think?

Does the issue of divorce have anything to add to our discussion about homosexuality?

Do we need to learn to distinguish between God's plan for humanity and God's accomodation to human weakness?

Does this give us a clue about how to think and act appropriately as regards God's plan for human sexuality?


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