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Original Cover of the Study written by Dr. Erwin Buck

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Study Four: Facing Moral Dilemmas

Often Christians face moral problems for which there is no one right solution. They discover, as Luther's colleague Melanchton did, that everything we do is sin. In such situations, Luther advised his friend to sin boldly, while praying even more boldly and trusting in the forgiveness of God. It is not required that we be right, but that we be faithful.

In Jesus' parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14–30), the man with one talent was not criticized for getting a less than perfect return for his money. Rather, he earned his master's censure because he chose to play it safe. He was so afraid of the hard master that he became paralyzed. The point is precisely that God is not a hard taskmaster. Therefore one can risk investing oneself and losing the investment.


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