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Our Stories

Telling our own stories
is a key element
in sharing our faith
with others.
Listen in as some
of our ELCIC members
describe their faith
journeys. Parts of
some of these stories
are featured in the
2005 Annual Report


Faith Journeys: Kathleen Nygren-Goodman

Being a shy, quiet person, I had the belief I had nothing to offer the church, no REAL gifts or abilities to be of any use for the 'glory of God.' I had a desire to serve, but didn't know how, or where. I remember talking with God and saying, "Here I am, send me," but also thinking to myself, "but who am I?"

Despite my shyness, God has helped me to take risks, and step out of my comfort zone. Thus, I have had many wonderful experiences and opportunities. One opportunity has led me to volunteer at the Lutheran Urban Mission Project in the core area of Winnipeg. Laughing with the community folk, playing games, making crafts and teaching Bible stories to the children has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have been able to embrace them, and see Jesus in each one.

Even when we feel we have nothing to offer, God puts people into our lives whom we can serve and be a blessing to, and who in turn can bless us richly. God calls us to new experiences and to new places when we say, "Here I am, send me!" If we pray to God and listen to where we might be called, we can learn a lot about ourselves and grow in our relationship with our Lord. And I can say with confidence, if God calls us out of our comfort zone, and leads us to get involved, to serve wherever that might be, and in whatever way that might be in, we can trust him to walk each step of the way with us.

-- Kathleen Nygren-Goodman
Grace, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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