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Our Stories

Telling our own stories
is a key element
in sharing our faith
with others.
Listen in as some
of our ELCIC members
describe their faith
journeys. Parts of
some of these stories
are featured in the
2005 Annual Report


Faith Journeys: Kim Dyky

Our God is an Awesome God—I come back to that song daily. It is a simple reminder that God is our wisdom, power and love. Everything that happens to you and me and everyone in our lives is all part of God's plan.

I came to realize this about four years ago when a friend of mine, Denise, suggested I take over the superintendent position of our church school. Reluctantly I took the position, not sure of what I was in for. God had always been a part of my life but not in that type of commitment. But God knew what he was doing when he had Denise suggest the position to me. Since then I have grown in many ways and I have been able to share God's awesome wisdom, power and love with children and adults of our community.

When I took the role of our superintendent, things in my life began to change. God had decided it was time for me to look at myself and see what I was really about. He wanted me to be aware that he is a constant in my life and that I can rely on him always for everything. He wanted me to share this special message with others. To share it, he gave me the ability to tell children's lessons and make up puppet plays for children to understand God's work. This has been a true gift to me.

I am not a professional writer but I can write little stories in a way that youngest of our community will understand and enjoy the love of God. One of my greatest joys is when I see the kids take out the puppets we use and reenact what they have heard from one of my puppet plays that they heard in church or church School or when they ask for Bob, our main puppet, to come to church. It is then that I know why God had Denise suggest the superintendent role for me. It is not just about loving God with our own heart. It is about sharing his love with others.

Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim his greatness; tell the nations what he has done. Sing praise to the Lord; tell of the wonderful things he has done.

Psalm 105: 1,2

-- Kim Dyky
St John's-North Prairie, Preeceville, Saskatchewan

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