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Our Stories

Telling our own stories
is a key element
in sharing our faith
with others.
Listen in as some
of our ELCIC members
describe their faith
journeys. Parts of
some of these stories
are featured in the
2005 Annual Report


Faith Journeys: Carol Throndson

My most recent faith journey began in November when I received a surprise diagnosis of a large grapefruit sized tumour on my ovary. I voiced my fears to Jesus and he began to deal with my needs in some incredible ways. The first came in a message that instructed me to pray everything with thanksgiving.

I cannot begin to describe to you the confidence in the power of God that thanksgiving prayers gave me. I began to thank God for the wonderful technology that would lead to a successful surgery. I thanked God for the bed that would open up for me and for the wonderful skill and knowledge of the doctors and nurses that would care for me. God already knew my fears so I never voiced them again in my prayers. I thanked him for calmness and for the joy and blessings that he had in store for my husband and me.

My surgery came up in less than a week—my surgeon had told me I would probably have to wait about a month for a space. Two wonderful student nurses were assigned to me and were such a joy. An operating room nurse from our congregation was on duty and calmed me with her presence as I waited in the pre-op area. As I was wheeled to the operating room, I thanked God for the joyful results of the surgery and for my amazing healing and recovery. My tumour was not malignant, praise God. Less than two weeks after this major surgery we were on our way to our winter home in Costa Rica.

I was truly blessed beyond measure. God revealed a love of family and friends that enfolded and strengthened me. Confidence that God was in control and that I was secure in his love was a special gift. The outcome could have been quite different and I thank and praise God for the blessing of each new day.

-- Carol Throndson
Ascension, Edmonton, Alberta


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