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Signposts of a Financially-Healthy Congregation

  • Awareness that all giving, that of ourselves as well as our financial resources, is in response to God's goodness and generosity. God gives, then we respond, and we spend our lives learning and growing in our responses.

  • Discusses money in the context of worship instead of considering money a disreputable subject that should not be confused with the sacredness of worship. This distinction should not exist within Christ's church.

  • Understands that the offertory is an integral part of corporate worship. Just as we bring our gifts of wine and bread to God's table, we present ourselves as an offering through our financial gifts.

  • Talks about money openly and candidly in all aspects of the church's life, realizing that how we use our money says a great deal about our values and priorities.

  • Engages in mission beyond its own doors and interprets this mission (both local and worldwide) through a planned year-round program. When people know how their money is used to do God's work, they are reinforced in their giving.

  • Plans long-range for its program objectives and financial needs. Budget development is a long-term process.
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