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Considering Same-Sex Blessings

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Study Guide The national convention being held 21-24 July 2005 in Winnipeg will be asked to consider a resolution about same-sex blessings. Informed participation by delegates is crucial since the conventions of this church constitute its highest authority. However, the study materials are not intended only for delegate study. We hope all members of the church will give this matter their deepest consideration.

The essayists have provided us with a wealth of material from many viewpoints. Some are clear on the direction they point, others are ambivalent. This study guide, along with the essays themselves, will provide a way to gather your own thoughts or those of a group in your congregation around the specific issues.

The study guide contains three sections:

  • ELCIC Context
  • Essay Summaries and Study Questions
  • Suggested methods for Study

Download the study guide.

Our thanks to the authors of the essays for their willingness to assist our church in our conversation and study around difficult matters. Our thanks to all those who through study and prayer are preparing the church to face this resolution.

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