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Who was Rasmus?

This project is named after Rasmus Jensen, the first Lutheran pastor in North America.

Pastor Jensen was the chaplain of an expedition sent in the spring of 1619 by King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway to search for the Northwest Passage to India. The expedition landed on the shore of Hudson Bay at the present day site of Churchill Manitoba in the fall of 1619.

His commemoration date is February 20.

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Project Rasmus - Lotus Notes Information

Key features of the Notes R5/Domino software
  • Ease of Use
    Notes makes it easy to find, sort, and manage all your work in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Make Notes Work your Way
    Customize so that the information you need is the information you see
  • Universal In-Box
    Manage all your e-mail from one place - whether it's from your network or from an Internet account
  • One Place for All your Information
    A truly integrated Internet client, providing access to world of information and helping you manage it with ease
  • Mobile Support
    Whether you are in the office or on the road, you can stay connected. Notes synchronizes data with PCs, pagers, faxes and popular hand held devices.
  • Optimized for Collaboration
    Provides comprehensive application services like workflow and messaging, so you can easily build and manage integrated, collaborative solutions.

Links for more information about Notes R5

  • Lotus Development Corporation
    Follow Products from list in left window to choose Notes R5 from dropdown menu to find out more about the software
    Follow SuperHumanSoftware (top of right column) to see Lotus' vision for their products
  • Notes.net - the technical resource for Notes and Domino

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