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"Pass me the milk please."

"Mama I had a dream last night, and I really need to tell you. I want to tell you right now."

"Mom, I still don't know what ivory is. Is it the same as bones?"

"I don't know. Go look it up in the encyclopedia and then tell it to all of us."

"What did we read in our devotion yesterday?"

" Papa, I think we should pray for the victims in the flood of Mozambique today."

It is breakfast time. Our four children are gathered with us around the kitchen table. We like to take our time at breakfast to sit together and visit – a daily ritual. Sometimes we talk about little, unimportant things. Other times we speak about our worries and our fears. Children and adults feel comfortable to talk about the difficult things we will face and the pleasures we look forward to this day.

Breakfast is the time we talk about God's love, our responsibilities, our duties and many other things. We encourage each other and strengthen our family ties. A lot of spiritual and emotional growth happens around the breakfast table. We parents get a chance to really get to know our children. In the process we are able to transfer some of our values to them.

I had no idea how much our seven year old knew about the flood in Mozambique. She really cares deeply for suffering people.

We highly value our time together as a family. Such family times, as all treasures do not come free. It takes time and commitment ad effort to find the time to do it. But it is well worth it. After our time together, each one of us is better prepared to face our day; we are ready to meet people and challenges at home, at work and at play. The togetherness in our family creates security in our home and helps us to feel secure around other people.

" Papa, I just found out about the ivory! It is a bony structure, but not bone!"

Author: Kathi Haab

Reprinted from Esprit, the magazine of Evangelical Lutheran Women, Summer 2000 issue, page 50 . Copyright 2000. Used by permission.

Permission is granted to reproduce this module for use in ELCIC congregations. Any other use requires copyright permission. Please contact bfast@elcic.ca.

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