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Make six different shapes. Label each shape with one of the headings below. Write down some ideas for discussing each ministry on the back of the shape to help the leader guide the group. We've listed a few under each heading to get you started.

1. Worship

  • A weekly intergenerational event.
  • Families together.
  • Children are regularly included.
  • All ages participate in leadership.
  • Bulletins may include mealtime prayer for family to use and/or a faith statement for family discussion during week.

2. Intergenerational Events

  • Generations bring unique gifts to each other.
  • Over 60's primary group that knows the Biblical story well enough to pass it on to their grandchildren.
  • Adults are the models for children – pass on values and traditions.
  • Youth bring wonder, energy and trust.
  • Congregation can partner with families by arranging, planning and leading events for all ages – making intergenerational learning happen.
  • Events can be organized around seasons, special days, fun times, etc.
    These will allow generations to communicate with each other – passing on the faith.

3. Confirmation Mentors

  • Confirmands are teamed with someone older from the congregation.
  • Much effort to matching for possible mutual interests or respect.
  • Mentor walks with confirmand for the length of confirmation classes and celebrates the confirmation milestone with the family.
  • Congregation plans for structured 'getting together' times.
  • Mentor keeps confirmand in daily prayers.
  • Perhaps phone conversations, family outings but definitely a 'special' hello each Sunday.

4. Milestone Ministry

  • Special times in life journey, such as having your very first best friend.
  • The faith connection – to help shape healthy and positive attitudes about friendship – Jesus is our very best friend.
  • Congregation could celebrate friendship in worship and in special intergenerational events that celebrate our friendship with Jesus and with our friends through fun activities.

5. Service

  • Christian service is Jesus' definition of leadership.
  • Search Institute study suggests that most adults who have a more mature faith remember doing acts of service with parent(s) when young.
  • What we do that serves others is life shaping. ––families can do simple friendly acts helping neighbours modeling service for youth.
  • Congregation can offer its youth the opportunity to enjoy the company and modeling of adult servanthood.

6. Peer Ministry

  • A way of life.
  • Caring for others.
  • To the glory of God and service to the people we meet in the everyday circumstances of our lives.
  • It changes the abstract concept of being a Christian into skills and attributes.
  • Peer Ministry is the modeling of our Christian faith to all that we meet.
  • Congregation can assist by providing training that equips us for this task.

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