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Workshop Modules

Permission is granted to reproduce the workshop modules which are on-line for use in ELCIC congregations. Any other use requires copyright permission.

Please contact bfast@elcic.ca. Module 15 and Scripture Drama can be found in the Handbook for Congregations and may not be further copied.

1. Children and Worship 90 minutes
Planning meaningful and welcoming worship for children
Designed for parents and church leaders

2. Living With Challenging Children 90 minutes
Sharing and modeling faith within families with challenging children
Designed for adults who live with challenging children

3. Making a Mistake 20–30 minutes
Experience making a mistake and the forgiveness that can follow.
Designed for intergenerational, small group

4. Opportunities for Faith Conversations 90 minutes
Discover the moments in family life that allow us to share our faith stories.
Designed for youth/adults

5. The Ten Commandments as a Gift 60–90 minutes
Use a game to experience the benefits of rules.
Designed for youth

6. Sharing the Day 60–90 minutes
Sit around a dinner table and discover how to share God's love in all situations. (Food may be served, if you wish.)
Designed for intergenerational, small group

7. Sibling Rivalry 60–90 minutes
A chance for parents to compare stories of rivalry between children and to see that God is a part of this parenting challenge.
Designed for parents of young children

8. Singles in the Christian Community 120 minutes
Discuss and hear the stories of singles in our Christian community.
Designed for single adults

9. Stories Are for Telling 60–75 minutes
Explore the ways that older adults can share their faith with each other and intergenerationally.
Designed for congregational leaders

10. Family Ministry 60–90 minutes
An introduction to the principle of passing on the faith
Designed for intergenerational group

11. Power or Influence? 3 hours
Whose values have you chosen to live out?
How will you pass them on to your children?
Designed for single parents, adaptable to other groups

12. Do Pets Go to Heaven? 60–90 minutes
A starting point in your faith journey:
What is your understanding of heaven?
Designed for youth and youth leaders

13. God Loves Me 2–3 hours
Discuss why some people break the law.
Explore the areas of acceptance and forgiveness.
Designed for parents and teenagers

14. The Sound of Music 60–90 minutes
Share favourite pieces of music in a nonjudgmental setting.
Designed for any age or intergenerational group

15. Keeping Faith Alive 120–145 minutes
Explore concepts of the process of passing on the faith.
Become aware of the four strategies for nurturing faith.
Discover some ways that the congregation can support the home.
Designed for adults (This resource is not available online)

16. Sharing Faith Among the Generations 60 minutes
Experience using caring conversation as a tool for building relationships and sharing faith among the generations
Designed for youth and adults together

Other Resources:

Scripture Drama: All Things Bright and Beautiful (This resource is not available online)

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