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Partner Congregation Covenant
Partner Congregation covenants to:
  • Be a partner with other congregations and the synod committee
  • Communicate and articulate their experience with the larger church
  • Sponsor or provide leadership for at least one event or training session per year
  • Assist in reviewing and refining resource material
  • Share stories of their own ministry
  • Pilot or field–test new resources and modules
  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions to the synod committee
  • Seek to work ecumenically as much as possible
  • House a resource teaching lending library and make it accessible to area congregations
  • Forward designated donations and event overages to the synod fund for Partners in Faith.

National Committee covenants to:

  • Assist in the provision of materials for a resource teaching lending library
  • Promote any activities the Partner Congregation sponsors for area congregations
  • Communicate the stories of the congregation's Partners in Faith ministry

Synod Committee covenants to:

  • Provide training on the resource manual
  • Provide names of resource persons, training opportunities, resource materials
  • Provide ongoing contact and support from the synod representative
  • Identify possible financial resources as available
  • Seek to provide scholarships for further workshops and training
  • Encourage annual gathering of leaders of Partner Congregations in synods or clusters
  • Maintain a synod fund for Partners in Faith.
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