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ToolBox People: In each synod, a Partners in Faith Facilitator is available to visit your congregation, or to make recommendations about how your community can strengthen the way you are passing on the faith. These dedicated people are able to listen to your concerns, share stories, connect you with other congregations and resource people or even facilitate a workshop.

Congregations:In every synod there are Partner congregations already committed to strengthening their church/home connections. Each one has a library of books/videos. Call a Partner congregation near you to talk, share events, and borrow resources.

Resource List: There are many excellent print and video resources available. A list of material especially recommended by the national steering committee is included in the Handbook for Congregations.

Handbook for Congregations: summarizes the principles of faith sharing, makes suggestions for getting started in your congregation, and contains a treasure-trove of 16 workshop modules-ready for you to present in your community. Order one from your synod facilitator. Permission has been arranged for some of these workshops to be published on-line here.

Graphics: Graphics have been designed for your use. When it's time to advertise an upcoming event in your congregation, download them for use in your newsletter, posters, and invitations.

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