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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is Canada’s largest Lutheran denomination with 182,077 baptized members in 624 congregations. It is a member of the Lutheran World Federation, the Canadian Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches.

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From the Office of the Bishop


Winnipeg, October 1, 2002 (ELCIC) -- The ELCIC’s National Bishop Raymond Schultz was readmitted to hospital on Saturday, September 28 with chest pains. He had an angioplasty on Monday, September 30, during which three stents were inserted. The procedure was successful, and Bishop Schultz was released from hospital today. He expects to resume part-time office duties on October 3.

“Angioplasty is a procedure where a tiny balloon is inserted into the blocked artery and inflated at the site of a blockage. Inflating the balloon reopens the vessel. The balloon is then deflated and removed. A small frame called a "stent" can also be placed in the artery after angioplasty to ensure that the artery remains open.”
Source: website of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Southern California

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