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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Camrose, AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song
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Report of the Program Committee for
Leadership for Ministry

Committee Members: Chair, Rev James Hill, BC Synod
Recording Secretary, Ms Janet Charlton, ABT Synod
Dr. Richard Crossman, WLS President
Dr. Faith Rohrbough, LTS President
Rev Ken Kuhn, MNO Synod
Rev Doug Reble, Eastern Synod
Rev Pat Simonson, SK Synod
Staff: Rev Elaine Sauer, National Office Staff
Ms Toni Walker, Administrative Support

This committee meets once a year to develop and monitor policy issues related to leadership for ministry. The meetings also provide an opportunity for synod representatives to connect and discuss issues around candidacy and for important connections to be made with the seminaries.

With the acceptance of the Candidacy Manual by NCC, this now becomes a governing model for us as we seek and work with potential candidates for ministry. It will be updated as needed and we will continue the dialogue with synods and seminaries as to the changing needs of the church. The manual’s introduction will be available on the ELCIC website as well.

A Lutheran Life grant has enabled us to begin a study of ministry needs of the church. This will be a two-year project with researcher Rev Ken Kuhn directing the study. We hope it will give us some direction in recruitment strategies and needs, as well as strategies for meeting the ministry needs of the future.

We continue to administer grants to students through the ELCIC Bursary and Scholarships Fund. These are given to students who are interested in leadership for ministry and for congregations who aid in the development of ministry candidates through internships. These are key ways in which we can encourage the development of leaders in the church.

The committee, with the help of Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon, facilitated a second meeting of the Western CTELs and an invitation was extended to the Eastern Synod CTEL to join them at the fall 2002 meeting. It was a valuable time for all participants as it provided an opportunity to study the Candidacy Manual but also to seek ways to work cooperatively with one another and develop clear standards of operating processes. One of the issues pertaining to this group is ongoing training of CTELs. We are presently seeking ways of providing training and are looking to outside resources such as ELCA training events to help meet this need.

One of the ongoing tasks for this committee will be the evaluation of the Expectations document which has been developed as a guideline not a policy for ministers in the ELCIC. We will also be looking at the Continuing Education Plan (CEP) and policies as ongoing tasks of the committee. In each case, we see opportunities for us as a church to provide strong and fair policies for ministry that both govern and support ministry.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev Elaine Sauer
Assistant for the Bishop for Synodical Relations

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