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Simply Share the Good News -- an evangelism challenge

With Etienne Fomgbami, ELCIC Good News Partner from Cameroon

A Very Special Opportunity:

How can people have faith in the Lord, if they have never heard about him?
And how can they hear, unless someone tells them?
And can anyone tell them without being sent by the Lord?
No one can have faith without hearing the message about Christ
(Romans 10:14-15a, 17)

It is more comfortable to stay in the church, ring the bell every Sunday and wait for the people to come than it is to go out and share our faith. It is a challenge to venture into the less comfortable zone even with the help of a gentle, committed Christian. Etienne Fomgbami shared his experience of Cameroon, Canada and the church - and his dream that all Christians everywhere will experience the excitement of evangelism.

This approach assumes that Evangelism is a simple task:
Know Jesus' story.
Acknowledge your own faith story.
Practice telling both of them.
Use prayer as a tool.
Go out and share the Good News.

Simply Share the Good News Workshop:

From January 2002 to April 2003, congregations in the MNO Synod were encouraged to invite Etienne Fomgbami to lead a 6-hour Evangelism Challenge. This was a refreshingly new way to look at evangelism training. Etienne's faith, example and enthusiasm nourished the passionate, awakened the apathetic and gave courage to the timid. Workshops were held on one full day or over 2 or 3 successive evenings. Etienne brought workshop materials, AV resources and he led the 6 hours of discussion and learning.

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