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Directed Giving
2004 Annual Report

Directed Giving for Mission in the World exceeded $211,000 in 2004 (about $37,000 more than in 2003) and accounted for over 60% of the core budget for the ELCIC world mission program. These funds were provided by individuals, congregations and Evangelical Lutheran Women's groups and here is a summary of how the donations were designated:

Summary of Designations for 2004 Directed Giving

Program Portion designated
Missionary Sponsorship             57 %
World Mission (unspecified)             29 %
Patagonia Mission Sponsorship             12 %
Partner Church programs               4 %

Missionary Sponsorship increased by over $29,000 in 2004 compared to 2003. Almost half of this increase ($14,000) was in response to the special sponsorship appeal to help return Lori Endress to Thailand for two more years as a Short-term Missionary. There was an increase of almost $15,000 in the World Mission (unspecified) donations which were used throughout the budget to help maintain a varied world mission program and respond to some unexpected needs (see Mission in the World Updates). 2004 was the second year for Patagonia Mission Sponsorship and over $25,000 was contributed, an increase of $1,000 from the first year.


Opportunities for Mission in the World Directed Giving in 2005 are as follows:

  • World Mission (unspecified)
  • Rev Katharine Bergbusch, Long-term Missionary, Peru
  • Rev Brian Rude, Long-term Missionary, El Salvador
  • Bonnie Weppler, Long-term Missionary, Papua New Guinea
  • Lori Endress, Short-term Missionary, Thailand
  • Patagonia Mission Sponsorship: Rev Gustavo Gomez and Rev Sergio Utz
  • Peru Pastors: government social security benefits for the seven pastors of the Peruvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • El Salvador—Quetzalcoatl Foundation: HIV/AIDS prison and community ministry.
  • Cameroon: Garoua Boulai Bible School & Seminary
  • Papua New Guinea: Partner Church programs

In addition to the total of $174,000 received for Mission in the World Directed Giving in 2003, other funds were put to work for world mission as follows:

  1. Support for individual Volunteers in Mission which is normally raised by their local support groups.
  2. Support for ELCIC missionaries from outside agencies including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Danish Sudan Mission and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.
  3. Funds forwarded to overseas churches for specific purposes not originated by Mission in the World office but often as part of the Companion Synod Program.

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