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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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July 21 - 31, 2003
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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The Mission of the Church in Multi-Faith Contexts

1. How can Christians and congregations be empowered to participate faithfully and effectively in this mission?


  • pray for leaders
  • pray for souls

Living Awareness

  • live in holiness, dignity, honesty and proper conduct
  • think what Jesus would do
  • forget differences concentrate on similarities
  • become aware of the world's brokenness


  • Ministerial Association that includes all denominations
  • work for the poor in poverty-stricken countries
  • come together in community events
  • visit other places of worship
  • educate
  • volunteer

2. What kind of healing is required in order to live and work together with greater understanding in our multi-faith communities?


  • accept people as they are
  • accept different races, cultures
  • respect for one another
  • tolerance
  • forget politics — nationalities

Education and Medical

  • mental healing


  • celebrate each other's beliefs
  • relationships
  • world famine
  • treat others as equals

Faith Based

  • A short and common text of the common elements of all Christian denominations and other world religions published by some religious world council would be a starting point.
  • witness to Christ as the only Saviour.
  • invite people into the reign of God.
  • recognize God's spirit at work in the world.
  • become more literate about scriptural claims regarding salvation.
  • allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.

Bishop Ray asks:

As Lutherans in Canada prepare for the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Winnipeg, how is your church trying to foster mutual understanding and working with people of other faiths?


  • World Day of Prayer


  • Christmas boxes for kids
  • sponsor new Canadians
  • work together in times of crisis — fires, floods, war victims
  • living out your daily life


  • host a VBS program with other churches
  • inviting other churches to come and join us in other children's programs
  • interfaith dialogue
  • Bishops attending and discussing matters of importance at ecumenical events
  • taking World Religion courses
  • learning the structure of other Christian denominations and other religious faiths.
  • A suitable motto would be "Act locally! Think globally!"

Share socially

  • contact with your neighbours
  • senior citizens enjoy visiting other faith communities


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