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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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July 21 - 31, 2003
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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God's Healing Gift of Communion

1. Where is forgiveness needed in your congregation and in your community?



  • accept each other's differences and appreciate the unique gifts
  • accept diversity as good
  • no relationship with LCC congregation
  • personal relationship conflicts
  • neighbours in conflict

Control and Power Issues

  • power struggles
  • petty things, hurt feelings,
  • spiritual leaders who are not faithful in proclaiming Christ as Saviour
  • church groups who fight
  • between rich and poor
  • government irresponsibility for social problems


  • inadequate communication
  • don't always confront situations when there is disagreement, thus problem continues
  • not as much openness and sharing
  • lay people who judge and gossip

Forgiveness needed for:

  • being self-centered
  • being judgmental
  • not welcoming strangers
  • not inviting them strangers to communion
  • not forgiving others
  • being indifferent to what we believe
  • minimal support for benevolence


  • power struggles in public politics and local tragic government
  • various denominations do not cooperate or support community projects
  • other cultures because they are of a different religion
  • forgiving someone who has been in prison
  • anger towards younger generation's disregard for societal values
  • those who abuse and are abused
  • street and homeless people

2. How can we encourage healing through reconciliation? How does your congregation act as a witness in that process?


  • respect differences
  • identify problems and concerns
  • prayer, acceptance, sharing of resources
  • mutual confession witnessing
  • forgive
  • love one another
  • don't hold grudges

Interdenominational Relationships

  • helping other denominations at times, e.g. funerals
  • getting to know LCC by inviting them to a hymn sing, picnic or other social event


  • work cooperatively with community projects
  • face-to-face conversation/victim/offender reconciliation
  • making facilities available to community groups

Sharing of the Eucharist

  • share the Eucharist if common understanding of communion
  • pray all might be one as we partake of the Eucharist together
  • sharing the Eucharist with LCC is a long way down the road as this is point of difference
  • share if prior arrangements have been made
  • our Pastor invites all and reminds council and members to encourage others to come to the table
  • sharing the Eucharist is important because as we receive the body and blood and are forgiven, we recognize at the same time that without God's love we have one important similarity — we are all condemned by our sin
  • Eucharist brings you closer and impacts the way you live in community
  • all are invited

3. How can the ELCIC as a national church participate in the critical situations in the world where solidarity and advocacy are needed for the healing for the world?


  • verbally support where advocacy is needed
  • speak out against war
  • speak out on social justice issues
  • write letters
  • supporting our leaders in their advocacy for the oppressed

Interdenominational Support

  • support other denominations and other Lutheran bodies
  • continue to witness/support GHDA and CLWR
  • work cooperatively with all Lutheran bodies in healing process
  • reach out to other Lutheran churches

Visiting Other Countries

  • send people to teach skills in third world countries
  • encourage youth to go to third world countries
  • send visitation teams

Gathering of People

  • meeting on committees
  • teaching people life skills
  • welcome others into our congregation
  • gathering together in dialogue and fellowship is good.


  • pray that leaders will make fair and wise decisions to end violence
  • interact prayerfully with other church groups

The Gospel

  • proclaim and properly distinguish the law and the gospel

Bishop Ray asks:

As Lutherans in Canada prepare for the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Winnipeg, how does your congregation participate in this international evangelical communion?

Reading, Responding and Participating

  • responding to these questionnaires through discussion groups
  • appreciate material on assembly in Canada Lutheran, Village Voice
  • financial support
  • sponsor refugees


  • pray for LWF participants
  • support
  • Canadian Lutheran World Relief (kits)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Women
  • ELCIC Missions


  • We will host a group of guests with our neighbouring congregation for a day, showing them our part of the country and sharing a potluck meal.
  • Some members hope to attend the LWF Assembly.

Or are not feeling free to participate!

  • feeling so far removed from scene one feels a bit at a loss as to what one lone untalented person might do.
  • not a lot is said to the congregation so I do not have any comments .


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