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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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July 21 - 31, 2003
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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Healing Divisions Within the One Church

1. Name some examples of painful divisions in the Church.


  • refusal to acknowledge baptism (must be re-baptized)
  • controversy over baptism as infants vs. adults/immersion or sprinkling


  • not permitted to receive the Eucharist (or restrictions as to who may receive the Eucharist)/wine vs., grape juice
  • weekly communion


  • traditional worship vs. contemporary

Ecumenical Relationships

  • traditional practices become a barrier to ecumenical relations
  • ELCIC and Lutheran Church-Canada
  • not working together in Ministerial groups, World Day of Prayer, etc.

Doctrinal differences

  • misunderstanding of other church doctrine
  • losing some of the Lutheran foundation found in the Lutheran Confessions
  • literal interpretations vs. non-literal interpretation
  • errors in interpretation and translation
  • orthodox/catholic/protestant

Clergy Issues

  • ordination of women
  • role of women
  • clergy discrimination/discrimination against clergy
  • stringent screening of Pastors, Youth Leaders — all leaders that could in any way have unhealthy or violent influence on others


  • praying to saints

Human Relationships

  • discrimination based on sexual preference, including marriage of homosexuals
  • non-acceptance of common-law relationships
  • discrimination based on age, origin, gender, economics and beliefs
  • divorce
  • belief in birth control
  • turf boundaries

2. How do you feel the ELCIC (or your congregation) should address these divisions with ecumenical and other Lutheran partners?


  • be non-judgmental
  • be diplomatic
  • joining in world-wide needs
  • learn more about them/education
  • accept differences and focus on similarities

Worship and Prayer

  • World Day of Prayer
  • worship services

Communion practices

  • Pastors need to confront this issue to bring understanding to those who disagree (referring to infant and children communion)
  • common Eucharist

Working Together

  • joint theological studies and later seminary discussions
  • joint VBS, camps, youth events and ELW
  • be persistent with LCC
  • share services with Anglicans
  • pastoral exchange

Bishop Ray asks:

As Lutherans in Canada prepare for the Tenth Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Winnipeg, how is your congregation working with other churches and other Christians?

Worship and Biblical Reflection

  • World Day of Prayer
  • attend other faith events
  • pulpit exchange
  • Bible studies
  • Anglican-Lutheran joint services
  • attending community Lenten worship services

Community Ministry

  • sharing in social ministry by supporting CLWR and GHDA, LAMP
  • volunteering and funding of Community food banks and other community social assistance groups
  • providing church facilities for use of community groups
  • supporting other denominations in specific social ministries
  • Pastor participating in local Ministerial Association
  • inviting others to share in projects, programs, activities


  • talking one-on-one with other Christians and non-Christians
  • more involvement of laity in interdenominational discussions
  • seminars for youth
  • benevolence offerings and special drives


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