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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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July 21 - 31, 2003
Winnipeg, Manitoba

By now, everyone knows that Winnipeg was excited about being host to the LWF Tenth Assembly this past July. What you may not know is that Lutherans and Anglicans right across our country could participate, even if you did not actually plan to travel to the event. Read on…

  • Pray

    Remember in prayer, both at home and with your congregation, the guests who traveled so far, the hosts who sought to be welcoming, the discussions, worship, elections and study that made up the agenda.

  • Sing

    A wonderful book of international, ecumenical songs of faith was created for the Assembly. Agape, a collection of over 100 songs representing music from all corners of the globe is available for purchase by churches, other groups and individuals. Visit http://www.lwf-assembly.org/songbook.html to sample one song. Order the whole book for your congregation. You can order it for $25 (plus shipping and handling) orders@elcic.ca or 1-888-786-6707 ext 167

  • Study the Issues

    Order a copy of the Assembly Study Book now available or download pages from http://www.lwf-assembly.org/study.html. This study book has been produced by a writing team from around the world as a basic resource that lead up to and used for the Assembly itself. The content, which focuses on the theme, "For the Healing of the World", was used to guide Bible Study sessions and Village Group discussions. Cost is $20 each plus shipping and handling. orders@elcic.ca or 1-888-786-6707 ext 167

  • Send some Money

    Hosting an event of this size does not come without cost. If you would like to donate towards those expenses, our goal is $200,000 and we are not quite there yet. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for contributions more than $5. Make cheques payable to Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and send to The LWF Tenth Assembly, ELCIC, 302-393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6

    A brochure in .pdf format is available with full details.

  • Buy a shirt

    Everyone needs one more t-shirt or sweatshirt! Visit http://www.elcic.ca/lwf/shirts.html to see photos. T-shirt costs $15 and sweatshirt is $30. (Add shipping and handling if you can't drop in to pick it up) orders@elcic.ca or 1-888-786-6707 ext 167

  • Surf the Web

    The main Assembly website has much information about this gathering of people from all corners of the earth. Click the 'Daily highlights' button for an overview of the day's events. Photos of the Assembly were posted daily showing many of the events and participants. News releases illuminated the issues revealed in the plenary sessions in more detail. Video and audio clips are also available.

  • Buy a stamp

    To mark the event, Canada Post issued a single domestic-rate (48-cent) commemorative stamp. Available for sale at post offices across the country on July 21, 2003, the stamp measures 32mm x 36.5mm, and is sold in panes of 16. Stamps are available at all post offices, while Official First Day covers are available at participating outlets. Both can be ordered online by following the links at Canada Post's Web site: www.canadapost.ca, or by mail order from the National Philatelic Centre. From Canada and the USA call toll-free: 1-800-565-4362 and from other countries call: (902) 863-6550.

  • Participate in a Pre and Post-Assembly Visits

    Some Assembly Participants chose to arrive early, or stay on to participate in special visits to Canadian, American and Caribbean ministries. A full list with descriptions is found at http://www.lwf-assembly.org/lwfimages/visitation-EN.pdf. Many ELCIC congregations across the country were involved in hosting these visits. Read some of their stories.

  • Write a Letter

    We invited ELCIC members to write a letter of welcome to an LWF Assembly delegate using any of the 4 official languages (English, French, Spanish, German). The letters were included in each delegate's packet along with an addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for them to reply. What did people share? They wrote about themselves, their family, their church, their city…what made those things special? People welcomed delegates to Canada, recommended activities to try or food to taste while in Canada and shared prayers.

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