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Sharing the experience of hosting the Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly
21–31 July 2003
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Hands On

I'm a student at Red River College taking DMT (Digital Multimedia Technology). For the summer months I worked for the ELCIC national office assisting with their website.

The LWF Assembly was an exciting event to attend. Before the big event, I was asked to help with the task of unpacking, setting up, and networking all the computers that would be used during the Assembly.

I had the knowledge to complete these tasks but had never actually applied these skills to the real deal. While working with the computers I found myself often thinking "Wow! I'm actually using the skills I had only read about in my text book."

Once the Assembly had officially begun, I was asked if I would be interested in operating a video camera that would film the Plenary Sessions. Coincidently audio/video is my favorite class in DMT so I was very excited to begin. The remainder of the Assembly I spent working with the Production Team. They were a friendly group that consisted of staff from Chicago to Finland. Friendships were made and lessons were learned. I received so much advice and praise. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience first hand what my field of work is like in the real world.

The Assembly was mainly an educational experience for myself but I noticed that it was also a union of the world. The people I met and the cultures I experienced made each day more interesting than the last. As the Assembly was nearing its end, it was hard to say good-bye to the friendly faces of the staff and volunteers of whom I worked closely with. When the Assembly finished, my final task was to help pack up those 60 plus computers back in their boxes.

As a student, I benefited greatly from this event. The main benefit was the amount of hands on work I performed. I wasn't just listening to my instructor explain how to do it anymore. This time I was actually doing it. I'd like to thank Ross Sundmark for encouraging me to contact the ELCIC. I was unsure at first but I thought you never know unless you try—and I'm certainly glad I did.

-- Sarah Sabatini
Winnipeg, MB

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