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Results of the elections taking place at the Twelfth Biennial National Convention of the ELCIC will be posted here when announced.


Vice President

  • Sheila Hamilton declared elected.


National Church Council

Synod Type Term Elected
BC Lay 4 years Jeanie Stann
ABT Lay 4 years Barb Stolee
Ordained 4 years Trish Schmermund
SK Lay 4 years Heidi Hesselink
MNO Ordained 4 years Mark Koenker
EAST Lay 1 4 years Edward Pope
Lay 2 4 years Marie-Laure Collet
Ordained 4 years Doug Reble


ELCIC Group Services Inc.

Type Term Elected
Ordained 4 Years Douglas Kramer
Lay 1 4 years Jackie Dojack
Lay 2 4 years George Sawatzky


Court of Adjudication

Type Term Elected
Ordained 4 years Stephen Kristenson
Lay 1 4 years Roger Kingsley
Lay 2 4 years Martin Bergbusch


National Convention Nominating Committee

Synod Term Elected
BC 2 years Gene Blishen
ABT 2 years

Phil Hink

2 years Kathy Budgell
SK 2 years Joan Meyer
2 years Darlene Harrison
MNO 2 years Larry Ulrich
EAST 2 years Mark Harris
2 years Dorothy Frook
2 years Wendell Grahlman


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