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Eleventh Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
June 21 - 24, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others
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ELCIC Eleventh Biennial National Convention - June 21-24, 2007

Saturday, June 23 Highlights


Photo Highlights from Saturday

Faye Schultz and Don Storch confer over convention minutes. Bishop Raymond Schultz and Bishop-elect Susan Johnson Andy Seal and Rev. Paul Johnson. Kristen Guy takes all our convention photos... except for this one.

ELW / ELCIC Breakfast Highlights Resources and Visioning Process

A packed room. A full plate. An enthusiastic audience. A satisfying way to begin the third convention day at the Evangelical Lutheran Women (ELW) / Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) women’s desk breakfast. Rev. Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the National Bishop for Synodical Relations and Ruth Vince, Executive Director of ELW hosted the breakfast, served to crowd of over 100 ELCIC members (women, men, lay and ordained) on Saturday June 23, 2007. View the full article...

Photos Highlights from the ELW / ELCIC Breakfast


Motion to Encourage Synods to Develop Ways to Best Minister to People Living in Committed Same-Sex Relationships Defeated

After much thoughtful, considerate and respectful discussion, reflection and prayer the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) voted to defeat a motion before delegates at the Eleventh Biennial National Convention to encourage Synods to develop ways “to best minister to people who live in committed same-sex relationships, including the possibility of blessing such unions”. The motion was voted on by secret ballot during the afternoon session on the third day of convention. The motion received 181 votes in favour and 200 votes in opposition.

Introduction to the motion by Roger Kingsley, Vice-President of the ELCIC, noted, that at the 2005 National Convention, after the defeat of a local-option for same-sex blessing, a motion was approved by delegates stating “That our church's leaders, congregations and Pastors ‘seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace’ (Ephesians 4:3) rejecting all words and actions hostile to gays and lesbians in our churches and communities, and taking steps to create a more welcoming environment in this Church for gays, lesbians and their families.’”

The announcement of the voting results for the motion was received by silence from the delegates.

Election of National Church Council (NCC) Members

Elections for members of National Church Council were held today. Through the course of two ballots, the following individuals were elected.

Synod Type Elected
BC Ordained

Nolan Gingrich

ABT Lay Carl Sorensen
SK Lay Cindy Lea Hoppe
SK Ordained Roger Haugen
MNO Lay Tom Brook
Eastern Lay Maaike Froelich
Eastern Ordained (Position 1) Claudine Carlson
Eastern Ordained (Position 2) Peter Mikelic

View the results of the:

Election of Group Services Inc. (GSI) Board Members

Three ballots for the elections of board members for GSI were held today. The following individuals were elected.

Type Term Elected
Ordained Position 1 4 Years Loretta Jaunzarins
Ordained Position 2 4 Years Richard M. Smith
Lay Position 1 4 Years George Bridge
Lay Position 2 2 Years Jacqueline Dojack

View the results of the:

*The third ballot for GSI took place on Saturday evening and a copy of the results from the third ballot were not immediately available.

Election of Individuals to the Court of Adjudication

Two ballots for the election of individuals to the Court of Adjudication took place today. The following individuals were elected.

Type Term Elected
Ordained Position 1 4 Years Eric Krushel
Ordained Position 2 4 Years Cameron R. Harder
Lay Position 1 4 Years Janet Morck
Lay Position 2 4 Years Rochell Shafer

View the results of the:

Saturday Evening Recognition Reception

An Evening of Thanks was held on Saturday night to recognized the contributions and to thank Bishop Raymond Schultz, treasurer Norm Thompson, council member Rev. Sonia Free and missionary Rev. Katharine Bergbush for their dedicated service.

The following are some photo highlights from the evening:

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