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Eleventh Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
June 21 - 24, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others
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ELCIC Eleventh Biennial National Convention - June 21-24, 2007

Friday, June 22 Highlights



National Bishop Elected


On the sixth and final ballot for National Bishop, Bishop Raymond Shultz declared Rev. Susan Johnson bishop-elect of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. View the full press release...

Second Ballot for National Bishop

The first order of business on Friday morning was the report of the Elections Committee on the results of the Second Ballot for National Bishop. View the entire results.

As there was no election declared on the second ballot, delegates will proceed to the third ballot.

The third ballot for National Bishop is formed from all the names on the second ballot that receive at least one vote. Prior to the votes being cast for the third ballot, individuals are invited to provide a brief bio. This request has gone out and the deadline for submitting bios is by the first break this morning. After that, delegates will be allowed a half-hour to consider the nominees before casting their ballots. On the third ballot, an election of a new Bishop will only be confirmed if a nominee receives a majority of the votes. Results from the third ballot are expected to be reported on later on in the day.

If no election is declared, delegates will proceed to a fourth ballot. Election for National Bishop allows for up to six ballots.

Third Ballot for National bishop

Upon their return from the lunch break, delegates were greeted with the report from the Elections Committee regarding the results from the third ballot. As no one individual received the required majority of the votes cast, an election was not declared.

Delegates at convention had an opportunity to hear from the five individuals who received the most number of votes.

The following five individuals addressed the convention:

  • Bishop Cynthia Halmarson (79 votes received)
  • Rev. Susan Johnson (143 votes received)
  • Rev. Edward Skutshek (112 votes received)
  • Bishop Michael Pryse (15 votes received)
  • Bishop Ron Mayan (9 votes received)

The fourth ballot for National Bishop has taken place.

Fourth Ballot for National Bishop

Following their return from afternoon break, delegates were greeted with the results from the fourth ballot for National Bishop.

In order to declare a bishop elected on this ballot, a majority of votes were required for one nominee. Since the required number of votes was not received, delegates will proceed to the fifth ballot for National Bishop.

The three individuals who received the most votes on the fourth ballot (Bishop Cynthia Halmarson, Rev. Susan Johnson and Rev. Edward Skutshek) will be carried over to the fifth ballot. Prior to voting, nominees will be invited to respond to questions submitted in writing from convention delegates and selected by the elections committee. As each nominee responds, the other two will be sequestered.

The questions posed to the three nominees were:

  1. How will you endeavour to heal the divisions within the ELCIC?

  2. What support and leadership would you see as necessary to engage young people who may not see a need for an organized Church?

  3. How do you understand the role of the National Bishop in leading this Church “In Mission for Others”?

  4. What do you see as your greatest personal strength and your greatest personal challenge?

Delegates have completed the fifth ballot for bishop.

Fifth Ballot for National Bishop

The report from the Elections Committee on the results Fifth Ballot for National Bishop was provided after the dinner break. There was no election on the fifth ballot.

Delegates have completed the sixth (and final) ballot for bishop. The two nominees with the most votes on the fifth ballot were carried forward to the sixth ballot. An election on the sixth ballot requires a majority of votes cast.

Photo Highlights from Friday at National Convention

The Augsburg Fortress on-sight book store on sight is quite popular with delegates. Catherine Pate, Evangelical Lutheran Women, introduces ELW resource, What's Enough?, to delegates. Delegates take a mid-morning break to refresh.
The Rev. Canon Dr. Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director - Faith, Worship and Ministry, greets delegates on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada. Sr. Monica Denk answers questions at the International Volunteer Services display booth. Youth display voting cards. See highlights from Thursday to find out about youth being granted voice and vote at convention.
                        Worship has been a wonderful and lively part of the Eleventh Biennial National Convention.

CLYG: Whitehorse 2008 - Travel Light

Youth delegates at convention announced the gathering theme for the 2008 Canadian Lutheran Youth Gathering (CLYG), Travel Light, by way of a reveal video. Click here to view the video. (Further information on the gathering is available on the youth website: http://youth.elcic.ca/)

ELCIC Renews Commitment to Evangelical Declaration

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) has set the stage for its next 10 years In Mission for Others by renewing its commitment to one of the church's foundational documents, The Evangelical Declaration, at its Eleventh Biennial National Convention, which is taking place in Winnipeg, June 21-24. The convention of clergy and lay delegates voted overwhelmingly in favour of renewing the document which included a title change to reflect the church's mission strategy, In Mission for Others: An Evangelical Theology of Mission – Evangelical Declaration. Read the full article...

ELCIC Congregations Encouraged to Go Green

Calling on all members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) to take actions to reduce their environmental footprint and to create "greening congregations", the ELCIC took steps towards becoming a green church by adopting an environmental stewardship initiative, Stewardship of Creation, during its Eleventh Biennial National Convention which is taking place in Winnipeg, June 21-24.
“We commit ourselves as a church to answer the call to respect the integrity of God’s creation through an environmental stewardship initiative engaging our national, synodical, congregational and individual member expressions,” the statement adopted by delegates read in part. Read the full article...

Delegates Elect ELCIC Treasurer and Secretary

Ken Hartviksen, currently serving on National Church Council as the lay representative for Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario was elected Treasurer. Don Storch, currently serving as Secretary of the ELCIC was re-affirmed to his position and received 278 out of a possible 350 votes (view the results from the ballot for Secretary). Both positions are part of the executive of National Church Council.

Group Services Inc. Continues Work On Tackling Unfunded Liability The ELCIC Group Services Inc. (GSI) is charged with the management of the pension and benefits plans for the ELCIC and its employing congregations. The organization ensures the pension plan investments are managed prudently in order to maximize long term returns within acceptable risk levels and the plan’s investment policies and objectives.

John Wolff, Vice Chairperson of the GSI Board of Directors told convention delegates that increased contributions from member congregations were responsible for the Pension Fund’s unfunded liability being whittled down from $17 million to $11.7 million.

GSI noted that it has completed the third year of a fifteen year plan to eliminate the unfunded liability.

treasurer, Norm Thompson, Provides Fiscal report The ELCIC revenue for the year 2006 fiscal year was just over $5 million with revenue coming from benevolence from the five synods, directed incomes from National Office program activities, Praise Offering from Evangelical Lutheran Women, donations from Global Hunger and Development Appeal and Canadian Lutheran World Relief, advertising and subscriptions from Canada Lutheran magazine, and interest from investments and mortgages.

The ELCIC is operating in 2007 with a deficit budget. Expenses are projected at just under $4 million, a deficit of $33,000.That deficit is expected to be covered by unrestricted net assets.

The budget for 2007 passed and Ernst and Young was approved as auditor for the ELCIC.

Budgets for 2008 and 2009 were presented. The ELCIC expects benevolence to remain the same as in 2007. There was also an allowance provided for cost-of-living salary adjustments. Change in program activities have been projected as well. The ELCIC projects deficits of $17,865 and $38,300 for the two years. The losses will be covered by unrestricted net assets.

ELCIC's Mission in the World Luncheon Highlights the Work of Skilled and Gifted People People of Faith

During a break from the business sessions taking place at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)'s Eleventh Biennial National Convention, many delegates had an opportunity to hear more about the ELCIC's work In Mission for Others in the world at the ELCIC Mission in the World (MIW) Luncheon which was held on Friday, June 22, 2007 at the University Club on the University of Manitoba campus. The event gave MIW coordinators an opportunity to highlight recent accomplishments and new initiatives in this important work which included Program Coordinator Kelvin Krieger's announcement that Sr. Monica Denk has been appointed as International Volunteer Coordinator of the ELCIC and Canadian Lutheran World Relief. View the full article...

International Partners and Special Guests Address Delegates

Throughout Friday’s agenda, delegates at the Eleventh National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) heard about the work of the church and that of its partners; the people who represent some of the major relationships in which the Bishop’s Office engages. View the full article and read highlights from the special guests who addressed convention delegates...

Same-Sex Resolution Vote Will Require Majority Vote A resolution on same-sex blessings will require a simple majority to pass when it comes before delegates at the Evangelical Luthern Church in Canada (ELCIC)'s Eleventh Biennial National Convention on Saturday, after a motion on Friday to raise the number of ballots required to a two-thirds majority was defeated by convention delegates.

The convention upheld a recommendation by the ELCIC’s Reference and Counsel committee not to act on a motion to require a two-thirds majority for passage of the same-sex resolution.

Delegates also upheld non-action recommendations by Reference and Counsel on two other related motions: one to separate lay from clergy votes on the same-sex issue and another to delay implementing a successful same-sex vote until 2009.

The convention delayed discussion on five other motions relating to NCC Resolution 22, depending on the outcome of Saturday's session.

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