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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Youth Assembly participants gather to plan their presentation to the Convention

Youth Assembly — humour & insight

On the heels of the announcement that the motion to approve the local option on same-sex blessings had been defeated, delegates and a packed gallery of visitors and observers were treated to a fresh presentation from the Youth Assembly.

A lively mock council meeting addressed Kelly Fryer's much discussed five core values, whereupon the "council's" actual youth representative remarked, "Kelly Fryer, she's hot!" Council reps asked several 'invited' youth guests why more youth were not involved in the church, locally and at wider levels. Responses ranged from:

  • gotta work,
  • busy with hockey and football and fun with my friends,
  • I am involved with national and synod youth stuff, but you adults wouldn't know it, we're so often segregated/separated from the main body of visible activity,
  • I work at the local crisis shelter because I learned in church when I was younger to help others.

A video with the latest technological pizzazz, included a statement from youth leader Kelly Speak on her honest thoughts in upholding God in service as a youth was shown. This was followed by an upbeat, "high octane" presentation from Jordan Smith and others on the status of Mission Possible, inviting the national and synodical bishops to the front for what has become a youth tradition at conventions—handing out t-shirts for them to wear to promote the upcoming National Youth Gathering (Winnipeg, 2006).

A spontaneous offering was taken as hard hats were passed around hall in support of the focus project next summer — a Habitat for Humanity build. National Bishop Ray Schultz pleasantly chided the gathering when he said he heard too much "clinking" in the hat, encouraging more paper money contributions. It was later reported that donations amounted to $3,897.12, plus a hearing aid battery, a Subway stamp, pocket lint and an IOU!

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