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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 25, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Worship Team

National Bishop & Principal Celebrant Raymond Schultz

Liturgical Director Eric Dyck

Sacristan John Harrison

Music Director Mark Mummert

Assistant to the Music Director Larry Weckwerth

National Worship Program Committee Chairperson Karen Johnson-Lefsrud

Ecclesial Liaison & Advisor Paul N. Johnson

Convention Chaplain Michael Kurtz

Worship Design Team Mark Ehlebrecht, Michael Kurtz, Eric Dyck (Chairperson)

Vestment Design & Construction Lois Powne

Worship Book Eric Dyck (editor and design), Pat McManus (graphics), Copies Ressources (printing)

Worship Committee Kolleen Karlowsky-Clark, Eric Dyck, Erika Dudszus, John Harrison, Michael Kurtz, Karen Johnson-Lefsrud

Local Implementation Group Kolleen Karlowsky-Clark (Convenor), Larry Ulrich, Isabelle Verbrugg, Jeanne Karlenzig, Vicki Ramnawaj, Dennis Schultz, Kristel Smith, Doris Buffie, Stephanie Blanchette, Jennifer Sisson

Thank you

  • Iris Pylypjuk for supplying plants
  • Joy Berg for looking after the copyright permissions
  • Brenda Nestegaard-Paul for organizing the regional gifts for the Opening Eucharist
  • Brett Adam, actor/assistant
  • Maia Graham, actor/assistant
  • Chris Picklyk, actor/assistant
  • Sue Herkert, actor/assistant
  • Don Nevile, prayers, Opening Eucharist
  • Elaine Schultz, translation and French coach
  • Lorraine Forbes, French translation
  • Kevin Komisaruk, translation
  • Bruce Meyers, translation
  • Andrew Dunnett, French translation
  • John Saikeley, French translation and review
  • Kylikki Pitts, Finnish translation
  • Christoph Ernst, German translation
  • Dags Demandt, Latvian translation
  • Jane Tse, Chinese translation
  • Harnald Toomsalu, Estonian translation


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Convention Newsletters

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