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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

National Church Council

Positions up for election are listed below. The incumbents are listed indicating whether they are eligible or ineligible for re-election.            

Synod Represented  Lay or Ordained Term Incumbent (eligibility)
British Columbia Lay 4 years Judy Kochendorfer (eligible)
Alberta and the Territories Ordained 4 years Stewart Miller (eligible)
Alberta and the Territories Lay 4 years Judy Wry (ineligible)
Saskatchewan Lay 4 years Margaret Fast (eligible)
Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Ordained 4 years Lynne Hutchison (eligible)
Eastern Lay 4 years Judy Baribeau (ineligible)
Eastern Lay 4 years Elizabeth Hachborn (eligible)
Eastern Ordained 4 years Ilze Kuplens-Ewart (eligible)

ELCIC Group Services Inc.

Ordained (1) 4 years Brad Senften (ineligible)
Lay (5) 4 years Walter Schultz (ineligible)
David MacIntosh (ineligible)
Yvonne Myrehaug (eligible)
Kurt von Schilling (eligible)
John Wolff (eligible)

Court of Adjudication

Ordained (1) 4 years Don Sjoberg (ineligible)
Lay (2) 4 years Suzanne McClennan (eligible)
Deborah Bartlette (eligible)

The Committee on Nominations is required to nominate two persons for each position to be filled. All nominations should include the name, address, telephone number and a brief resume of the nominee, clearly identifying the specific position. Please use the Biographical Data Form for this purpose.

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