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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

How a Bishop is Chosen

The process of How a Bishop is Chosen is set out in the ELCIC's Administrative Bylaws (Part VI, Section 3. b, c, g). This chart illustrates those bylaws in a schematic form for easy reference.

The election of a bishop proceeds without oral nominations. If the first ballot does not result in election, it is considered a nominating ballot. At no point during the election is any eligible person permitted to withdraw his or her name from any ballot.

A congregational study document has been prepared for delegates to use as they prepare for the responsibility of electing a bishop. It is available for download as a .pdf file or can be requested in print form from orders@elcic.ca.

Ballot Names on Ballot Information Provided

Needed to


1 Blank The Bishop shall be on the roster of ordained ministers of this church. 3/4 of votes cast.
2 All names written on the first ballots. None. 2/3 of votes cast.
3 All names on the second ballot that received at least one vote on the second ballot. Each eligible person is invited to provide a brief biography. This may include congregational membership, degrees earned & honorary, pastorates and other positions held in the church, secular profession or occupation, memberships on boards, special committees or agencies.

Majority of votes

4 The five persons who received the highest vote on the third ballot. These five people are invited to address the convention. Majority of votes
5 The three persons who received the highest vote on the fourth ballot. These three people are invited to respond to questions submitted in writing from the convention delegates and selected by the elections committee. As each responds, the other two will be sequestered. Majority of votes
6 The two persons who received the highest vote on the fifth ballot. None. Majority of votes
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