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Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Stewardship Strategy

  1. That the Strategy for Stewardship II - 2006-2010 be approved and implemented.


Strategy for Stewardship II

This Strategy for Stewardship II, approved by National Church Council March 2005, has been prepared as a follow-up to five years of growing success using the principles of Strategy 2000–2005. Over those years, synod consultants, coordinators and conference resource persons have offered leadership and resources to ELCIC congregations. The presence of these leaders at synod conferences, conventions, and committee or staff meetings has helped to keep stewardship conspicuous as a ministry of the church. The area of recruitment, training and support of new leaders has been identified as an important focus of this strategy.

Executive Summary

Timeline for Stewardship Strategy II

Year Tasks

National Coordinator for Stewardship, Barbara Fast continues until October 31, 2005.

Assistant to the national bishop for synodical relations names new national coordinator. Coordinator to begin November 2005.

Synod bishops appoint synod consultants for at least a one-year term. (This may be a renewal of the current consultant’s position. Current terms end Dec 31, 2005).
2006 Concept of annual stewardship scholarships developed and advertised.

All synods continue to be offered national funding for a 20% (one day a week) stewardship consultant [or team structure approved by national coordinator] to be based in the synod, accountable to synod bishop, relating to ELCIC stewardship structures, reporting to coordinator and attending each annual consultation/training event. This deployed staff position may be increased by synods that choose to increase funding to increase the time. National funding will include a travel budget for each synod consultant of up to $2000 annually. All job descriptions will be developed and maintained by national and synods together.

Each synod encouraged to begin the planning of at least one stewardship practicum (based on original plans for Strategy 2000–2005) within the five-year period.

Also ongoing through 2010:

  1. Annual stewardship consultation/training event.
  2. Stewardship consultants in synods receive ongoing training and support.
  3. National stewardship staff team meets, shares report, confers and cooperates.
  4. Stewardship website is updated as needed.
  5. Congregational stewardship materials from Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC) and ELCIC advertised in a sample packet mailed directly to congregations. Orders filled from National Office.
  6. Leadership opportunities (financial support for synod conferences, train-the-trainer events and scholarships) offered as funds are available.
  7. Lutheran Planned Giving (LPG) director and program continue.
  8. Relationship with ESC continues.
  9. Other ecumenical relationships are sought out and maintained.
  10. Stewardship Strategy Staff and Budget Requirements
Type Description       $
Annual Funding: ELCIC budget $60,300
  LIFE equity  50,000
  FIM grants   4,400  (22,000 over five years)
  Program cost recovery   4,000
  Synod fee for consultation   3,000
Staffing: National coordinator for stewardship  
  Orders and administrative support  
  Lutheran Planning Giving Director  
  Five synod consultants/teams  

Full strategy document and budget available upon request from bfast@elcic.ca

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