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Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others
Sixth Sitting: Saturday, July 23, 2005 – 1:30 p.m. (DRAFT)

Renewal for Worship led the convention in hymn singing.

The Rev. Michael Kurtz led the convention in the opening prayer.

NC-05-26 MS That the agenda for Business Section 6 be as follows:

Time Agenda Item
1:30 Local Option
2:45 Vote
3:00 Break
3:30 Youth Voices
4:00 National Church Council Elections, Items 11-12, GHDA, Stewardship, Youth Vote,
2007: Winnipeg June 21-24.
4:30 Reference and Counsel


Discussion on the motion regarding same-sex blessings was continued.

MS That the motion regarding same sex blessings be referred back to the NCC for further study in order to develop a more comprehensive policy document outlining the theological, ecclesial and social rationales and implications of the blessing of same sex unions, to be ready for consideration at the National Convention in 2007.


Prior to the vote The Rev. Michael Kurtz led the convention in prayer.

The Chair requested that ballots for the motion on same-sex blessing be distributed and collected.

The Rev. Raymond Schultz introduced the Rev. Mark Hanson, Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The result of the vote on the motion regarding same sex blessing was as follows:

Ballots Percentage
Votes cast                                    408 100%
Spoiled ballots                                  5 1
Needed to pass                             272 66
In favour                                        183 45
Opposed                                       220 54

Original Motion Defeated

Youth Voices

The Youth Assembly made an entertaining and enlightening presentation to delegates on the place of youth in the church. Presentations were also made on "Full Serve," the next Canadian Lutheran Youth Gathering to be held in Winnipeg, August 17-20 2006 and "Mission Possible", the current National Youth Project.

Report of the Committee for Reference and Counsel (cont.)

NC-05-27 MS MS That our church's leaders, congregations and Pastors "seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4:3) rejecting all words and actions hostile to gays and lesbians in our churches and communities, and taking steps to create a more welcoming environment in this Church for gays, lesbians and their families.

MS Challenge the ruling of the chair to allow this motion
-- Defeated

NC-05-28 MS To call the question
-- Carried

Original Motion Carried

The motion regarding the youth assembly previously referred to National Church Council returned to the floor with the following wording

( NC-05-21) That Article X, section 5, be revised by inserting:

That a new Part VI "Youth assembly" be added:
Section 1. The youth assembly shall consist of four youth from the Eastern Synod, two youth from the Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod, two youth from the Saskatchewan Synod, two youth from the Synod of Alberta and the Territories, and two youth from the British Columbia Synod.

Section 2. Youth shall be baptized members between the ages of 16 and 23 on the first full day of the convention.

And that the remaining portions of the bylaw be renumbered.

Revised Motion Carried

Report of the Committee for Elections

The results of the second ballot for National Church Council:

Position #1: ABT Ordained

Nominee Ballots
Stewart Miller 153
Trish Schmermund 220
Votes cast 373
Needed to elect 187

The Rev. Trish Schmermund was declared elected to this position.

Position #4: Eastern Ordained

Nominee Ballots
Douglas Reble 228
Peeter Vanker 138
Votes cast 366
Needed to elect 184

The Rev. Douglas Reble was declared elected to this position.

Position #5: Eastern Lay Position 1

Nominee Ballots
Ken Kopke 133
Elizabeth Hachborn 217
Votes cast 350
Needed to elect 176

Elizabeth Hachborn was declared elected to this position.

Position #6: Eastern Lay Position 2

Nominee Ballots
Teddy Pope 184
Lois Reinert 164
Votes cast 348
Needed to elect 175

Teddy Pope was declared elected to this position.

The results of the third ballot for Vice-President

Votes cast 407
Needed to elect 204
Spoiled ballots 5

The results of this ballot were:

Nominee Ballots
K. Glen Johnson 166
Roger Kingsley 198
Stephen Kristenson 28
Michael Pryse 10

No election on this ballot. K. Glen Johnson, Roger Kingsley and Stephen Kristenson will appear on the fourth ballot.

Administrative Bylaws Amendments (cont.)

The Rev. Roger Haugen spoke on the revision of the bylaws. (Deletions in italics, additions bolded.)
MS When an incumbent officer is willing to be re-elected to their current position the first ballot shall contain only their name. A two-thirds majority is required for re-election. If that percentage is not achieved on the first ballot, then the procedure described above shall be followed to fill the position -- Defeated

MS Moved that Administrative By-laws Part VII (National Church Council), Section 2 be amended to add one additional sentence at the end of Section 2 as follows: Section 2. The Executive Committee of the Council shall consist of the officers of this church. In addition to the officers there shall be sixteen (16) elected members of National Church Council: one ordained minister and one lay person from each of the synods of British Columbia and Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario, one ordained minister and two lay persons from each of the synods of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and three ordained ministers and three lay persons from the Eastern Synod.
There shall be one additional member appointed by the Council of General Synod (COGS) of the Anglican Church of Canada for a term to be determined by COGS.

NC-05-29 MS That the motion to add an Anglican representative to the National Church Council be referred to the 2007 Convention.

Motion to Refer Carried

Report of the National Church Council (cont.)

NC-05-30 MS Moved that the mandate of the Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) be extended for another four years through 2009. -- Carried

NC-05-31 MS That the strategy for Stewardship II – 2006-2001 be approved and implemented -- Carried

Report of the Committee for Reference and Counsel

The Rev. Michael Rodgers reported.

MS That the ELCIC provide guidance, materials and support for local parishes that want to offer a Christian ministry specifically for persons who want to exit same-sex life styles.

MS That the motion be amended to add the words ", and for persons who want to exit straight sex life styles."

Amendment Defeated

NC-05-32 MS That debate on the question be adjourned.
-- Carried

Original Motion Defeated

Report of the Committee for Elections

Results of the fourth ballot for Vice President:

Fourth Ballot for Vice President


Votes cast 387
Needed to elect 194
Spoiled ballots 3

The results of this ballot were:

Nominee Ballots
Stephen Kristenson 21
K. Glen Johnson 163
Roger Kingsley 200

Roger Kingsley is elected to the office of Vice President.

NC-05-33 MS That all ballots for all elections be destroyed. -- Carried

The Rev. Raymond Schultz announced that the Convention had raised $3,897.12 for the National Youth Project after the Youth Voices presentation.

Report of the Committee for Reference and Counsel (cont.)

NC-05-34 MS That the NCC and this convention express our thanks to the ELW for their continued support of the ELCIC.

That the 10th Biennial Convention express its gratitude to all who have worked to enable this convention to do its work, to make our stay in Winnipeg memorable, and to be in mission for others:

  • the Local Arrangements Committee: Erin Dojack, Gerlinde Berglund, Mark Irvine, The Rev. Kolleen Karlowsky-Clark, Judy Long, Annemarie Macintosh, Wayne McNabb, Kris Ramnawaj, Beverly Wagner, and Mervin Wagner, ably chaired by the Rev. Carol Janke; for their planning and tireless work the many volunteers who cheerfully greeted, ushered, "stewarded," directed and transported us, and counted our offerings
  • The Rev. Michael Kurtz, our convention chaplain, and the worship and music leaders, particularly Mark Mummert, our convention musician, for renewing us through worship
  • Roger Kingsley, our parliamentarian
  • National Office administrative staff, quietly coming and going: Gloria McNabb, Kristen Guy, Bob Duncan, Trina Gallop, Barb Fast, Melissa Noad, Mary Krieger, Juliann Schneider and Faye Schultz
  • National Office Program staff: Paul Johnson, Elaine Sauer, Kelvin Krieger
    University of Manitoba Special Functions Office and Sandy Gibson and staff.
    Convention committees: Minutes, Elections, Registration and Credentials (and, if we may be so bold—Reference and Counsel)
  • Our fitness leader, Mary Kowaltschuk

That the 10th Biennial Convention express its appreciation for the faithful leadership of

  • the members of our National Church Council
  • our National Bishop, the Rev. Raymond Schultz
  • our Vice President, the Rev. Susan Johnson (shy and retiring)
  • our secretary, Donald Storch
  • our Treasurer, Norman Thompson.

The remaining motions presented to Reference and Counsel expired.

MS That the ELCIC designate one Sunday each year as Multicultural Sunday to celebrate the cultural diversity of our communities and to strengthen ourselves in mission as a multicultural church.

MS That this convention in accordance with "Condition 2" of the 2003 resolution of the Corporation meeting to "transfer Augustana University College (AUC) to the public post-secondary system" with the commitment to "ensure that the Lutheran presence, including a strong Lutheran Campus Ministry, be maintained as an integral part of the programmes and services of AUC and to find and maintain funding as necessary for such presence and ministry", direct the Camrose Lutheran College Corporation to fund Campus Ministry at Augustana in its present form until such time as sufficient endowment funds are received to fund the ministry.

The Rev. Michael Kurtz closed the session with prayer.

The Rev. Raymond Schultz, National Bishop, declared the Tenth Biennial Convention of the ELCIC closed.

In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
© Copyright 2007 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada