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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Stewart Miller


Hope Calgary, AB

Past Experience:

1. 17 yrs. Ordained Ministry - Concordia, Churchbridge(3): Trinity, Estevan(9); Hope, Calgary(5). The last two congregations have been larger 'program churches'.

2. 5 yrs. Serving as a LTS Intern supervisor (1 yr in Estevan, 4 in Calgary).

3. Many years on Parish Life/Worship/Youth committees in the Sask Synod ELCIC and the Central Canada Synod LCA before that. So too I served as an LCA/ELCIC 'Youth Staffer' in 1980/81.

4. 6 yrs. on the Sask Synod Council including various ad hoc cmtes. (Structural Renewal, Call Process, and 'Election of the Bishop', etc.).

5. B.A (English) Univ. of Sask. 1984; M.Div. LTS 1987

6. Incumbent member of National Church Council beginning Sept. 2004.

Hopes for the Church:

1. Discerning the Future Direction and Mission (and thus Structure and Programs) of the ELCIC with special concern for re-connecting parish and people with the Synod and National Church.

2. Striving to find ways to meet the significant pressures we face to speak to the various social and political concerns of our day while still nurturing our commitment to each other and unity within the church.

3. I confess I have a some personal concern about the future role of and character of the ordained ministry as we move into the coming years.

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