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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Douglas Reble


Zion Stratford, ON

Past Experience:

Member of the Candidacy Committee 2001-Present

Chairperson, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Board of Governors 1996-2000

Member of the National Church Program Committee for Leadership for Ministry 2002-present

Chairperson, Eastern Synod Stewarship Committee 1992-1994


- ability to work for consensus

- friendly, constructive

- organizational and administration skills

Issues of Concern:

- the unity of the church into one unity is in Christ, not in the uniformity of other opinions

- ensuring that the church is welcoming and inclusive especially to those on the fringes of society

Hopes for the Church:

- recruitment of qualified, suitable candidates for preferred ministry in the church

- applying our Lutheran theological perspectives to the post-modern context in which we live

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