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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song
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Guidelines Related to Non-Stipendiary Ministry

  1. Definition and Criteria for Non-Stipendiary Ministry

    Non-stipendiary ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada is understood to be service as an ordained/lay diaconal minister without regard to compensation for such service.

    1. It may be either service for no stipend (or for reimbursed expenses only) or for a token stipend that is not commensurate with the normal salary guidelines for rostered ministry.

    2. Non-stipendiary calls are not eligible for participation in the ELCIC Pension and Benefits Plan; therefore, it also is understood that non-stipendiary service is possible only when there is clear evidence that the ordained/lay diaconal minister has adequate alternative income and health insurance.

    3. A letter of call to non-stipendiary ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada may be issued only by a Synod Council following approval by the Conference of Bishops. A call to non-stipendiary ministry is not normally intended for an initial call.

    4. The ordained/lay diaconal minister serving in a non-stipendiary call shall be accountable to the Synod Bishop and Synod Council in the carrying out of this ministry. Such a call does not imply any employment relationship or contractual obligation to the Synod Council.

    5. A call to non-stipendiary service shall be a one-year term call that may be renewed by the Synod Council only on the basis of the satisfactory fulfillment of the established criteria.

    6. The criteria under which a Synod Council may issue a letter of call to an ordained/lay diaconal minister for non-stipendiary service include the following:

      1. There shall be a clearly defined statement of the need for this pastor/lay diaconal minister to provide for Word and Sacrament/Word and Service ministry in the synod and a rationale for this call to be for non-stipendiary service, including an annual ministry plan;
      2. The minimum commitment by the ordained/lay diaconal minister shall be a monthly average of 10 hours per week to the ministry to which called;
      3. The ordained/lay diaconal minister shall meet the criteria and standards of this church for its ordained/lay diaconal ministers; and
      4. The Synod Council must determine that a call to non-stipendiary service is extended in order to carry out a specific ministry on behalf of the synod.
  2. Action by the Synod Bishop and Synod Council

    When the Synod Bishop and Synod Council believe that the criteria for a non-stipendiary letter of call are met by a specific ministry, the Synod Council may propose by a majority vote a letter of call.

    1. Final action to extend such a letter of call is contingent upon the approval of the Conference of Bishops.

    2. The Synod Council forwards its proposal, together with the rationale for issuing the call to non-stipendiary ministry, to the Conference of Bishops.

    3. Should the Conference of Bishops approve the request and the ministry begin, the Synod Council will provide for an annual review and, if appropriate, renewal of the non-stipendiary call.

  3. Action by the Conference of Bishops
    1. The Conference of Bishops acts upon requests for calls to non-stipendiary ministry by majority vote. It reports its decision to the Synod Council seeking such approval.

    2. When approval is given by the Conference of Bishops, the Synod Council may proceed with the issuance of a letter of call to non-stipendiary ministry and may annually renew such a call without subsequent action by the Conference of Bishops.

Approved by National Church Council
March 22, 2003

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