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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song
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Membership, Structure and Meetings

Raymond Schultz, National Bishop 2005
Susan Johnson, Vice-president 2005
Robert Granke, Secretary (2001 - Feb 2002)
Donald Storch, Secretary (Feb 2002 - present) 2003
Doreen Lecuyer, Treasurer 2005


National Church Council
Judy Baribeau 2005 Eastern
Alice Croft (1999 - March 2002) Eastern
Judy Verge (March 2002 - present) 2003 Eastern
Sonja Free 2003 Eastern
Elizabeth Hachborn 2005 Eastern
Mark Harris 2003 Eastern
Ilze Kuplens-Ewart 2005 Eastern
Lynne Hutchison 2005 MNO
Roger Kingsley 2003 MNO
Margaret Fast 2005 Sask
Don Gatzke 2003 Sask
Helmut Nachtigall 2003 Sask
Gordon Jensen 2005 ABT
Nancy Jeske 2003 ABT
Judy Wry 2005 ABT
Michael Rodgers 2003 BC
Donald Storch (2001 - March 2002) BC
Norman Thompson (March 2002 - present) 2003 BC
Anglican Church of Canada Representative
Grant Hyslop
Advisory Members (Synod Bishops)
Bishop Michael J. Pryse Eastern
Bishop Richard M. Smith MNO
Bishop Allan Grundahl (to October 2002) SK
Bishop Cynthia G. Halmarson (effective October 2002) SK
Bishop Stephen P. Kristenson ABT
Bishop Gerhard Preibisch (effective April 2002) BC

To facilitate the work of the council, a number of committees and task forces were established:

Communication: Judy Baribeau,
Mark Harris,
Elizabeth Hachborn,
Margaret Fast
Public Policy: Ilze Kuplens-Ewart,
Sonja Free,
Michael Rodgers,
Lynne Hutchison,
David Pfrimmer
Constitution and Bylaws: Donald Storch,
Judy Wry,
Helmut Nachtigall,
Stephen Kristenson,
Rhonda Lorch
Finance: Roger Kingsley,
Nancy Jeske,
Don Gatzke,
Norman Thompson,
Doreen Lecuyer
Women in Ministry Study Review Task Force: Lynne Hutchison,
Elizabeth Hachborn,
Stephen Kristenson
Task Force to Establish a Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee: Donald Storch,
Mark Harris,
Gordon Jensen,
Stephen Kristenson
Task Force on Convention Renewal: Judy Wry,
Mark Harris,
Lynne Hutchison,
Donald Storch,
Raymond Schultz,
Rhonda Lorch
ELCIC Vision for Mission Review Task Force: Gordon Jensen,
Nancy Jeske,
Susan Johnson


The ELCIC National Church Council met in person on the following occasions:

  • July 8, 2001
  • March 14–16, 2002
  • September 19–21, 2002
  • March 20–22, 2003

The council will meet again on June 11, 2003 in Camrose.

The meeting scheduled for September 14–16, 2001 was cancelled due to the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on September 11. To attend to the most urgent business that was to have been handled at the September meeting, the council met by conference call on October 3, 2001.

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